Wait for the car red envelope, Changan Auchan X5 waiting for you!

2022-05-15 0 By

And one week on the New Year, I plan to estimate that most people are the mention of the cart before the Chinese New Year, good driving a new car to go home for the holiday, but we also know that auto chip nervous now some customers years ago do mention less than car, but don’t be sad, in order to appease the customer mood, changan auchan specially introduced car such as a red envelope.So now you can rest assured to book a car.Changan Auchan X5 is equipped with a new generation of Bosch millimeter wave radar, which can increase the radar identification range by 30% and the identification accuracy by 70%, easily responding to changes in road conditions.Automatic emergency braking AEB, when the distance between the vehicle and the front vehicle is too close or the distance continues to shorten, the system will alarm the driver;When encountering traffic jam, only need to turn on ACC function, that is, automatic driving can be realized.Changan auchan X5 is equipped with Onstyle3.0 intelligent ecosystem, with xiaoou artificial intelligence system.”Hello, Xiao Ou” can easily awaken 39 skills such as navigation, air conditioning, photography, karaoke, covering 120 car scenes, up to 380 voice intentions.It adopts an open platform to provide mainstream applications such as IQiyi, Sing Bar, Wechat Reading and Ximalaya.The seat of Changan Auchan X5 comes from Lear, one of the world’s five major auto parts suppliers. The integrated design of headrest and backrest fully highlights the sports gene and provides better support.In terms of material, two different fabrics of leather cloth are used to mix and match, which makes it sporty.The main driving seat has the most advanced electric four-way and six-way adjustment at the same level, and carries the step-over seat memory function, eliminating the complicated steps of adjusting the seat every time you get on the car.Before the Chinese New Year, the car itself has a discount, plus the red envelope waiting for the car, the discount is more, although the Chinese New Year can not drive back to show off, but there is always a chance behind.