There is only 2 billion gap between Jinan and Hefei. What should Jinan learn from Hefei?How to strengthen provincial capital?

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Jinan, capital of Shandong province, and Hefei, capital of Anhui Province, both released their 2021 results on The same day, totaling 1.1432 billion yuan in Jinan and 1.141.2 billion yuan in Hefei.In terms of statistics alone, Jinan is still ahead of Hefei by 2 billion yuan.2 billion is a lot less, an ordinary person can not earn so much money in several lifetimes, but for a few Internet celebrity head anchors, you can casually check, can contribute 2 billion.Between provincial capitals, the 2 billion is minuscule.What’s more, hefei’s growth rate reached 9.2%, while Jinan’s was only 7.2%. We all know who won.1. What is hefei’s strength?In the past ten years, I’m afraid shandong people have never put Hefei in the eyes of it, jinan is said to have no sense of existence of the provincial capital, and I’m afraid hefei in the past few years even no sense of existence.I believe that until now, for many jinan citizens, the impression of Hefei is still vague, like Hefei around Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou are tourist cities, everyone has been to, have an intuitive feeling, but hefei and what?Why are you so strong all of a sudden?Hefei has a very powerful national famous university — University of Science and Technology of China, which continuously provides Hefei with first-class scientific and technological innovation talents.The most powerful university in Jinan is Shandong University, which is good at the basic subjects of liberal arts and science and is good at training cadres. Moreover, its strength has declined in recent years, not to mention the cultivation of first-class scientific and technological innovation talents.Hefei is strong in science and technology, and high-tech enterprises are also strong.For example, IFLYtek, in intelligent voice and artificial intelligence, JI ‘nan is afraid there is no enterprise to match it, ji ‘nan wave technology is not so good as self-righteous.Hefei’s automobile industry is also leading in the country, and all of them are local enterprises in Hefei. Jinan has also been developing its automobile industry in the past two years, relying on the introduction of external enterprises. Foreign monks may not be with us.Even Haier, a local enterprise in Shandong, has built its factory in Hefei, from which a large number of household appliances are produced and sold to major cities in the Yangtze River Delta.In other words, Hefei has stronger technological innovation and more and stronger high-tech enterprises than Jinan.2, anhui to the effect of strong capital of anhui in the national status, is can’t compete with big economic province of shandong, anhui is a relatively weak is located in the central province, at the same time, because close to the Yangtze river delta, a lot of people choose to work in Yangtze river delta cities in anhui development, the population outflows, of anhui is very bad.In recent years, anhui has made an important strategic choice, which is concentrated all fire development in anhui province, the provincial capital of hefei, the purpose is very direct, hefei development and become more modern, more livable, more big fan, so you can keep around anhui citizens, don’t go to other cities in Yangtze river delta and flow to hefei.Well, at least it’s not going anywhere.Under the strategy of strengthening provincial capitals, Hefei, like Zhengzhou and Xi ‘an, developed rapidly. Hefei accounted for more than 20% of the provincial economy, while Jinan only accounted for more than 10%.Just think about it, if Shandong gave jinan more than 20% of the number, then Jinan might all of a sudden surpass Nanjing, or even Hangzhou.In recent years, Shandong has been implementing the strategy of strong provincial capital, Jinan also has the Yellow River north starting area, a number of large projects concentrated in Jinan landing, from this point of view, Jinan is still very strong.3, Hefei strong, bengbu why embarrassed?Should strong provincial capital model rethink?These days, Bengbu, a city in Anhui province with such easy rail access, is also the talk of the town, where economic growth is almost zero and the situation is grim.Why is bengbu so convenient for traffic in such an embarrassing development situation?Some netizens began to reflect, “Hefei, the provincial capital, is strong, but why are cities like Bengbu weak?”Doesn’t that make a province with a left hand over a right hand?After all, anhui and Shandong are not the same, anhui now in addition to hefei a card, hand almost no other cards.And Shandong province in addition to the provincial capital Jinan this card, in the economy there are stronger Qingdao can play a good card, and like Yantai, Weifang, Linyi and so on are the brand with their own characteristics.To say the least, even if Hefei surpasses Jinan, it is of little significance to Shandong, because Anhui will not improve much because Hefei surpasses Jinan. In the final analysis, it is still unable to compare with Shandong.The key is scientific and technological innovation and high-tech enterprises, ah, let us understand that the development of provincial capital cities, or strong provincial capital, should not be at the expense of brother cities in the same province, but for a province as a whole, the gain is not worth the loss.The key problem lies in what scientific and technological innovation force the provincial capital cities have and how many high-tech enterprises they can cultivate.Compared with Hefei, Jinan is too smooth and stable, and lacks the scope of technological innovation and enterprise management innovation.Jinan looks more like a stable provincial capital than a successful investment company like Hefei.In this regard, Jinan should learn from Hefei!