Li Xiaopeng to support the naturalized players: the long journey shows their love for the Chinese team

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China will be in the evening of January 27, local time in the Saitama 2002 World Cup stadium away against Qatar World Preliminary Round of 12 Asian opponents Japan in the 7th round.This is also the first match of The Chinese team in 2022, and also the first official match under the leadership of coach Li Xiaopeng.Chinese team coach Li Xiaopeng and captain Wu Xi attended the pre-match press conference held in the afternoon of 26th local time.Li Xiaopeng revealed that naturalized players and returnees players (Wu Lei) will be able to appear in the game on the 27th.He also expressed his support for the naturalized Chinese players, stressing that they showed their love for the Chinese team by traveling all the way to the games.Li xiaopeng said: “Tomorrow we will face the no.1 team in Asia, all the players do not need to do too much mobilization, I hope they focus on the tactical level, we focus on playing their own level, hope to play some characteristics of Chinese football.”Li xiaopeng then also on the Chinese and Japanese media generally concerned about the Chinese team naturalized international players and overseas players to do some answers.Li Xiaopeng said: “the naturalized players and returned players are in good condition, the physical condition and competitive state are ok, tomorrow can play.”Japanese media reporters on the scene said they knew nothing about Li Xiaopeng’s style. Is it beneficial for China?Li Xiaopeng said, “The most important thing in football is the strength of the players and the overall strength of the team. I will try my best to instill my understanding of football into the players tomorrow and strive for a wonderful match. As for the final result, it depends on the performance on the spot tomorrow.”Regarding the strategy of The Chinese team in the 27th match, Li xiaopeng answered: “For the Chinese team, there is still a glimmer of hope, and we will make tactics around keeping the hope of qualifying.”Japanese media reporters also asked Li Xiaopeng whether several naturalized players who had returned to Brazil for vacation did not participate in the last stage of the Chinese Super League last season, which would affect his performance.To this li Xiaopeng replied unkindly: “Just now, the gentleman only saw the bad side, but did not see the good side.”The naturalized players come back to China after traveling thousands of miles, and they see their love for Chinese football and want to help Chinese football.”Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Rim editor xu Zhao Statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: