“Be a Runner in the New era” Luo Jingyi: Learn and grow through diligent running

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Luo Jingyi (left) visited the enterprises in her jurisdiction and had in-depth communication with relevant persons in charge.(Photo: Chen Siyao/Xiamen Daily) During the interview, Luo Jingyi was dealing with various affairs methodically according to the feedback of enterprises in her jurisdiction.She and her colleagues visited Xiamen Narong Health Technology Co., Ltd. with the brochure for investment promotion space of Siming District, and had in-depth communication on the land demand of enterprises.This year is luo Jingyi’s eighth year working in Lujiang Street.In the process of participating in the landing service work of large projects such as Essilor Group and Meituan, she gradually grew from an inexperienced businessman to a backbone and a “dynamic star” in the eyes of enterprises.Set a standard less when the problem “setter” “experience is not enough, learning to make up.”To help enterprises make good use of urban policies is the focus of landing services, so Luo Jingyi will basically work overtime to study policies.On her desk is a copy of the latest corporate policy at headquarters, with key words and bullet points underlined in black and red.Since working, Luo Jingyi has learned quickly every time a new policy is issued.”Only when policies are clearly understood and understood, can they be internalized and applied to benefit businesses as soon as possible,” she said.Chen Kun, head of meituan Fujian regional public affairs, felt this deeply.One evening at around 11 o ‘clock, luo Jingyi urgently needed to know the relevant policy content of a new business. After receiving the information, luo jingyi clearly sorted out the answer to the company within a few minutes.Later, meituan executives and siming district leaders in communication, especially mention this matter, highly affirmed lujiang street service level.”Every company is different, and our services need to be individualized as well as responsive to common questions.”In order to be the “setter” of problems as little as possible, Luo Jingyi pays attention to learning and accumulation, and her rich knowledge reserve allows her to calmly deal with various problems.In her opinion, the quality and efficiency of service companies can be greatly improved if they can immediately answer their questions and troubles.The “enterprises looking for policies” into “policies looking for enterprises” — this is lujiang street accurate service.Taking Nalong Technology as an example, Luo Jingyi and her colleagues selected six categories of policies suitable for Nalong Technology according to the situation of the enterprise, forming a set of policies that match the development of the enterprise and helping the enterprise make full use of the policies.Lu Cairong, chief financial officer of Xiamen Narong Health Technology Co., LTD., said, “The rapid development of enterprises in the past two years, the streets are timely push the policies in line with us, the service is very thoughtful.Knowing that the company has land needs, Jing Yi has been helping to pay attention to it and communicated with us whenever there is relevant information, which touched us very much.”With a passion, luo Jingyi insists on learning to promote and do a good job in business services, and she also enthusiastically runs in the front line of investment promotion.Among the introduced projects, essilor sunglasses Regional headquarters was successfully launched after 8 months of follow-up service, which gave her a deeper understanding of investment promotion.”Attracting investment is sometimes like a competition. We don’t know if we will score in the end, but we have to work hard until the last minute,” luo said.This sentence has been confirmed many times in the process of helping enterprises solve problems in the streets.As long as we can do it through efforts, Luo Jingyi led the investment promotion tax team of the service office to do our best to overcome all kinds of difficulties and fulfill our commitment to the enterprise on time.The street “said to do” pragmatic style, so that enterprises have a stronger sense of trust in the street.Zhou Bin, general manager of Xiamen Yarui Optics Co., LTD sincerely said that enterprises encounter problems need to be solved, he will call Luo Jingyi for the first time, she is like family.Even the company’s anti-counterfeiting report also asked her to help review and revise, because she knew the company very well and could quickly find the key points.Her work has also won praise from senior executives in Shanghai of Essilor Group, A joint venture of Yari Optics.Luo jingyi said that xiamen’s business environment is passed on by serving one enterprise after another.In the interview of the three enterprises, the relevant person in charge of the enterprise mentioned luo Jingyi’s characteristics — enthusiasm and vitality.Xu Xiaohong and Luo Jingyi, who are in charge of investment promotion of street enterprises, have as many as 114 group chats, and each group chat is a joint investment project.As colleagues fighting side by side for many years, Xu Xiaohong sighs, Luo Jingyi’s service always makes enterprises feel the enthusiasm of “tidal Lujiang” investment.My colleague Bai Zixiang said, “This is young people’s effort, and I learned a lot from her.”Luo Jingyi said, new industries, new models, new forms of business continue to emerge, investment personnel should not only understand the market conditions, industrial policies, but also understand the market, understand the project.Therefore, we must always keep learning, which is an essential habit and mentality to do a good job in attracting investment.Luo Jingyi, Siming District Lujiang Street economic services office director.As a member of the post-90s generation, she took root in the front line of investment promotion and served enterprises efficiently. She has been trained and grown in the process of studying and running. She has been awarded as the Advanced Individual of Investment promotion, the Excellent Communist Youth League member of the city, and the Advanced Individual of Science and Technology and Economic Work of Siming District.Sound investment as a young man, I will always keep learning, keep passion to new things and embrace, in constant iterative update in a wave of market, and efforts of market and run, touch the pulse of the enterprise development, investment in a line of team, hand in hand to young zalman, lujiang street contribute the development of high quality.