Refine for the case, as a whole grass-roots governance and industrial development, anshan mountain “N members” practice

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“With corn in bad weather and hog prices at rock bottom, is it really worth it to grow corn on a large scale to feed pigs?”On the afternoon of March 1, a discussion began in wufeng Yu Yang Guan town anshan village villagers Gao Qingping home.Participating in the discussion were members of the village team, Gao Qingping and the 20 peasant households she guaranteed.Gao Qingping also has an identity: “N member”.Anshan village like Gao Qingping such “N members” a total of 40.They are distributed in 40 grids in Anshan Village, and work from policy publicity, hidden trouble detection, dispute settlement and industrial development. Guided by Party building, they improve grassroots social governance capacity and gather endogenous impetus for rural revitalization.Anshan village, the nerve endings of grassroots management, is named after the saddle-like Anshan.The full name of “N-member” is “one police and three special N-members”, which originated from the “1+3+N” rural road traffic management mechanism.”One police” is stationed in the village police or auxiliary police, “three experts” is the road long, control and adjustment director, grid member.”N members” are party members with service capacity, villagers’ representatives and heads of social organizations.At the beginning of 2021, Anshan Village will draw 43 grids (now it is adjusted to 40), and each grid will be equipped with an “N member”, according to Wang Ruyao, the committee member of Anshan Village governance and adjustment.The criteria for the selection of “N members” are: politically competent, able to handle affairs, and willing to handle affairs.N – member and grid are dynamic systems.Depending on the housing situation, one “N member” is responsible for protecting 3 to 20 households.Gao Qingping tells a reporter, last year she guarantees 6, after this year grid adjustment, guarantees 20, becomes the package guarantees the most “N member”.According to reports, in the early stage, “N members” mainly cooperate with “one police three special” to carry out the investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes, but with the deepening of the work, and the interests of the masses of the work, such as epidemic prevention and control, natural disaster early warning and emergency also gradually into the system.Wang Ruyao said that since last winter, Anshan suffered continuous heavy snow, “N members” in the patency of the play a major role.”Activate grassroots cells, connect with the masses more closely, serve the masses more closely, and respond to the concerns of the masses in a more timely manner.”Xiang Qibo, deputy party secretary of Yuyangguan Town, evaluated the practice of “N members” with three “geng”.On the evening of February 21, people from Wuhan (passing through Wuhan) from February 17 onwards were ordered to be screened.Anshan village 40 “N” within an hour will be the whole village 631 households all the investigation in place.The meaning of N, the vanguard of industrial development and publicity team, is still expanding.”The village of 4594 acres of farmland, 70 percent of the area planted corn for pig.”Yue Xiaolin, a member of anshan village working team, said that traditional farming and risky breeding are bound together.How to adjust the industrial structure?The villagers also need ideas to break the ice.Since the second half of last year, a big ideological discussion has begun in Anshan Village: the team in the village collected industrial adjustment will at the level of “N members” and group level, unified understanding, “N members” like a capillary, through the house meeting, visiting and other forms, new ideas, new practices to infiltrate into the households.”After discussion, the village has basically confirmed vegetables and traditional Chinese medicine as the direction of industrial adjustment.”Village cadres Yin Haiyan told reporters, from the registered industrial development willingness type and acres of planting, “N” the leading role is very obvious.”Work is legs, door to door.”Gao qingping said that last year, she mobilized two bao bao households to plant Angelica, her six bao bao households, each began to transform in vegetable or Chinese medicinal materials.Yang Dongshan, member of the village party branch, said that in order to play the “N” in the industrial development of the exemplary role, the village “two committees” is considering a proper increase in the “character and learning” of industrial households.”The goal of rural vitalization is to live an affluent life. Only by making a transition from governance to development, and transforming the advantages of Party building into advantages of development, can the new practice enjoy endless vitality.”Yu Yang guan town party secretary Liu Min said.Now, anshan village grid “N members” practice is also quietly out of the mountain.On the morning of March 1, wufeng Cahua township village party branch secretaries and members of the governance and adjustment to Anshan village investigation and guidance of party building to lead grassroots social governance.This year’s Spring Festival has just passed, Wufeng has arranged in the county to promote the “three police specialist N” mechanism.”Anshan village is now an Internet celebrity!”Liu Min said, since the second half of last year, more than 30 batches of brother units to the village, town to observe and investigate “a police three specialist N” mechanism.On December 28, 2021, the public security organs of Wufeng held a meeting to implement the two Opinions of the Provincial Party Committee and deepen the work of “finding and blocking prevention”.Delegates came to Anshan village, “one police three specialist N” mechanism to give a high degree of recognition.As a collective economy is relatively weak, industrial characteristics are not obvious village, this kind of sudden attention to let the village “two committees” group felt excited and pressure.Yin Haiyan said that in the past year, the village “two committees” team’s unity, cohesion and combat effectiveness significantly improved, the spirit of the villagers also took on a new look.The changes in Anshan village are there for all to see.Liu Min said that in 2021, yu Yang guan town village level comprehensive goal assessment, Anshan village from the past long-term “tail” position made great strides forward, ranked fifth in 15 villages.”The practice of Anshan village proves that grassroots cadres can still ‘do something’ and form their own brands to promote the development of village-level undertakings even when resources are not dominant.Boost the confidence of grassroots cadres, give play to the strength of the fortress, the new mechanism explored a new way.”Liu chong said.Sanxia Daily full media reporter Wan Longyun statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: