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The second black box of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 has been found.According to CCTV news, the reporter learned from the front command, March 27 at 9:20 a.m., 5 degrees south of the impact point, 40 meters away from the impact point, 1.5 meters depth of the mountain slope soil layer, firefighters found an orange tank, confirmed by experts, is the “3·21″ China Eastern airlines flight accident second black box.Details will be introduced at a subsequent press conference.The second black box was found intact.The second black box was found close to the location of an emergency locator transmitter installed near it, according to workers at the scene.The flight back to Beijing with the black box will take off at 13:00 today.One of the black boxes from flight MU5735 was found on March 23.The exterior is badly damaged and judged to be a cockpit voice recorder.Now that both black boxes have been found, what will happen next?What might we know?The reporter contacted li Hanming of expert of net of civil aviation resources.Reporter: The MU5735 has two black boxes.What are the two black boxes?Mr. Li hanming: The so-called black box is actually two independent components: the Flight Data Recorder FDR and the Cockpit Voice Recorder CVR.Reporter: What does the flight data recorder (FDR) record and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) record?Li Hanming: The flight data recorder can record the current state of the aircraft.Terminology called (” ought to be “), including speed (divided into record by pitot tube air relative airspeed, recorded by the GPS velocity relative to the ground, and by the calculation of the current wind speed, wind direction), course Angle and pitching Angle (head up for back, head down to prone), elevator and rudder location and other information.The flight data recorder can also record various operations from the cockpit to the aircraft.The cockpit voice recorder records voice recordings from the cockpit of the plane.Take the specific operation process as an example, the specific process of aircraft operation is: receive instructions → repeat → execute → repeat → continue.Two pilots in the cockpit cross-check by voice. One Pilot (called Pilot Monitoring) communicates with air traffic controllers, hears instructions from them (or looks at the corresponding section of the checklist) and repeats them (for example, “altitude to 10,000 meters”).Another Pilot (called Pilot Flying) executes and repeats the command (” confirm altitude rise to 10000 meters “) after confirming that the operation is done correctly. The monitoring Pilot can continue only after confirming that the operation is done correctly.This flow in the cockpit can be faithfully recorded by the CVR, allowing investigators to understand the intent of the cockpit crew.Reporter: Which of the two black boxes is more important?What is the relationship between them?Li Hanming: They are both very important. They work together.The cockpit voice recorder only ensures that “the pilot gave instructions,” and the flight data recorder only ensures that “the system received instructions and translated them into control signals.”Reporter: According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the possibility of damage to the storage unit of the first black box found cannot be ruled out.What impact might this have on the information recorded in the black box?How long does it take to decode?Li Hanming: If the storage unit is damaged, it is unknown how many records can be retained. It needs to be determined according to the decoding results.Decoding time depends on the situation, generally takes about two weeks, but it may take longer if the damage is serious.Reporter: Specific data interpretation, how to judge the cause of the accident?What is the next step?Li Hanming: After interpreting the data recorded in the black box, we also need to observe the specific position of the screw and other control machinery in the plane wreckage, including the rudder, elevator, flaps and other specific components, so as to judge whether the specific control signal is executed by the mechanical structure.Therefore, the collection of aircraft debris is also very important, it is an important basis to judge the specific state of the aircraft.Source: CCTV News, China News Network