Distrustful of NATO, the EU formally announced a “European Army” of 5, 000 men ready to go

2022-05-14 0 By

It has to be said that in the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia has become the “background plate” for European countries to take actions or read documents, not only to put forward sanctions in Russia’s name, but also to bring Russia along on the “militarization road” — setting up its own rapid reaction force.At the same time, the EU has called militarization a “language of power.”A document named “strategic Guidelines” emerged at the EU meeting, which is different from previous political and economic resolutions and focuses on “militarization,” guancha.cn reported Wednesday.The document sets out a “self-preservation view”, arguing that in a complex world situation and under the threat of military conflict, the EU has to establish its own rapid force to “act decisively” in times of crisis in order to ensure its own security.The official document states that the EU must have 5, 000 soldiers ready to fight at any time. The task of this force will be absolutely EU-centric, and it will be able to operate on land, sea and air simultaneously.It is worth noting that, unlike previous proposals, this strategic guideline for a “European army” has the support of all member states.In other words, the European Union has officially decided to form a military force, officially taking the first step towards militarization.Meanwhile, France’s defense minister said Ukraine has shown a “weak spot” in European security and that the EU must come up with a remedy if the war is to stop spreading further across Europe.The eu’s foreign policy chief says the only way to stop threats is to be able to deal with them, and that the EU must master its own “language of power” and take its place on the military stage as the threat in Europe grows.It has to be said that this speech by eu officials is aimed at Russia, and does not even hide its purpose against Russia.In fact, the EU has long been rumored to be forming its own military force, but due to NATO’s advice and stability, the EU has not had the proper opportunity to announce such a move.The Russia-Ukraine conflict seems to give eu countries a reason, in the mouth of the EU and the United States, the Russia-Ukraine action is only the “first battlefield” of the war, once Russia’s requirements cannot be met, then the war is likely to threaten all European countries.At the same time, some Western countries even advocate sending troops to fight against Russia, stressing that the “threat” should be completely eliminated in the bud.One is the impact of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the other is related to NATO.A few years ago, the French president repeatedly accused NATO in public of being “brain dead”, unable to deal with emergencies in a timely and correct manner.Other European countries, including Germany, have made similar claims in recent years that NATO is no longer able to protect Europe.In fact, NATO now seems to be America’s voice.Although other countries have the right to disagree, they are often forced to bow to pressure from the U.S. and carry out highly targeted military activities based on U.S. interests and will.And this phenomenon, also let some EU countries quite dissatisfied.Under such circumstances, the EU proposed to form a “European army.”However, due to the advice of the United States and the lack of a unified opinion within the EU, the proposal did not become a formal law until after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and until France became the rotating president, the proposal was approved by all countries.As a matter of fact, the eu’s success in forming a “European army” has a certain relationship with the United States.To bring Russia down completely, the US could get pro-American eu countries to support a “European army” bill in return for concessions on some anti-Russian actions.