Daily Progress 498- Choose city or Country?

2022-05-14 0 By

Work with focus, life with rhythm, life with direction.The more people you serve, the greater the efficiency, the greater the benefits.Today’s topic to share is: New Year’s Day happy New Year.Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, the weather is very good, the sun in the morning, we plan to go home, the child grandpa home New Year.It’s in the mountains. It takes about an hour to drive. The roads in the mountains are very rough and mountainous.Back home, in the home fire, fire with charcoal fire.The family sat around the fire chatting, drinking tea and eating snacks.Children in the home to play very happy, more spacious out of the door.We also went for walks around and looked at the countryside.Here is a mountainous area, I am very fond of climbing, climbed the mountain before, standing on the mountain, the whole county in a glance.The scenery is good and the air is fresh.Chatting today, my relatives asked me if I was used to it here.I said used to.Here, I still suggest you, must go to the city to work hard, settle down life.(For rural people, I also come from the countryside), urban people, needless to say, some people may say that if you go to the countryside, the air in the countryside is better.Rural, good air is a point, compared with other?Transportation, information, all kinds of infrastructure.Although now the country is also vigorously developing the countryside, the construction of a new countryside.I suggest that if you have the opportunity, make the opportunity to go to the city.Because the rural areas, especially the mountainous areas, are very underdeveloped.There is a saying, to get rich, build roads first.Road traffic can’t be built overnight.My hometown, not counting the mountainous area, has good transportation. Now the coastal enterprises and overseas enterprises also come to my hometown to develop and develop, causing the development of the local economy. In the last 10 years, there have been relatively large development and changes.Compared with cities, it is recommended to go to big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, super first-tier cities, or first-tier cities, provincial capital cities, where information is more developed and economy is also very developed, so you can expand your knowledge.If you have the opportunity, I suggest you go abroad more often. This is a global perspective, which will bring a lot of inspiration to your growth and success.Sum up my point of view today, the suggestion must go to the city especially big city development.I come out from the countryside, I like my hometown very much, I dream of the future, one day, I will work hard to develop, run enterprises at home, run schools in my hometown education, return my hometown to serve the country.Well, today share here, welcome to exchange and share.February 1, 2022 Output original share every day 498th day 10 years write 10 billion!Write your brand legend!Enterprises need brands, individuals also need brands!