14 Ways to Promote Gender Equality!Bocog releases gender Equality Pledge

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Equality between men and women is a basic state policy of China.The Chinese government always attaches great importance to protecting women’s rights and interests, promoting women’s development and promoting gender equality.In accordance with the basic national policy, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Winter Olympics issued a pledge to promote gender equality on February 3, 2022.The Gender Equality Commitment is based on China’s basic state policy of “gender equality” and the basic principles of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee’s Gender Equality and Inclusion Goals (2021-2024). It takes the opportunity of organizing and hosting the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics as an opportunity.Bocog has made the following 14 commitments in terms of equal participation and fair publicity, providing a safe sports environment for all athletes and participants, promoting gender equality in leadership positions and staff, and promoting equal rights and interests at work: 1.The quota of female athletes reached 45.44%, the highest in the history of winter Olympics.2. Female athletes have participated in the largest number of events in history, and the new events fully consider the issue of equal participation of female athletes. There are 2 women’s single events and 4 mixed/team events.3. Distribute the IOC Presentation Guide to media and rights-holding broadcasters (In English and Chinese);4. Implement the “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games National Olympic Education Plan for Primary and Secondary Schools”, integrate Olympic education into the teaching system, promote ice and snow sports into schools, and provide equal opportunities for boys and girls to participate in ice and snow sports;5. During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the polyclinics in the three Winter Olympic villages of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou will set up special female diagnosis and treatment departments and treatment rooms, equipped with professional gynecologists and diagnosis and treatment equipment, to provide related diagnosis and treatment services for female athletes, staff, volunteers and female personnel with diagnosis and treatment needs;6. Promote gender equality among boCOG staff, with the proportion of female staff not less than 40%;7. Promote gender equality among volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympics, with the proportion of female volunteers not less than 50 percent and the number of female volunteers in management positions not less than 50 percent;8. The President of the Beijing Olympic Games Athletes’ Commission shall be female, with the proportion of female members not less than 50%;9. Strengthen the protection of female employees in terms of working systems and policies;10. Smooth the channels for female employees to report and complain about discrimination and injury, and set up a special management department;11. Ensure equal pay for women and men in the same position;12. Provide mental health counseling services for employees;13. Ensure maternity benefits for female employees, strictly implement maternity leave and breast-feeding leave, and fully protect the rights and interests of female employees;14. Flexible working hours for pregnant and breast-feeding female employees.Bocog said it will actively take effective measures to promote gender equality through sports, and calls on all stakeholders to fulfill this commitment and take positive actions to jointly promote gender equality and inclusive society building.Source: Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee website, China Women’s Daily xiaobian: Iraqis seeking to share seeking to collect seeking to see