“Year of the Tiger fighting epidemic” in Baise, Guangxi, a border town between China and Vietnam

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“Year of the Tiger” epidemic in Baise, a border town between China and Vietnam, February 7, 2017The border town in guangxi baise “the year of the tiger fight disease” of the author Chen qiu xia Yang qiang Wei-chen wang from highway export to debao county, epidemic prevention and control card point can be seen everywhere, health care, public security and sanitation work vehicles back and forth, the street loudspeakers broadcast not festival “congratulations you make a fortune”, but “non-essential not to go out,” the epidemic prevention policies.A photo shows a new round of nucleic acid screening in Debao County of Baise City, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Feb. 7, 2019.At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, baise, a border city between China and Vietnam, fought against the Omicron mutant strain.Following the discovery of a novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive person on 4th February, the authorities of Guangxi again informed on 7th February that there were 56 new locally confirmed cases in the region from 16:00 On 6th February to 12:00 on 7th February.At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Guangxi on the same day, the region reported a total of 99 local confirmed cases, all in Baise, from February 5 to 12 PM on February 7.The outbreak has affected six counties and districts in Baise city, with 88 confirmed cases in Debao County.The picture shows road traffic control in Debao County, Baise City, Guangxi Province.The Guangxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tested samples from two confirmed cases as omicron mutant strains, and gene sequencing is under way.We were caught off guard by the ferocity of the outbreak.Li Heng, a resident of Debao County, was waiting in line for nucleic acid screening at a nucleic acid sampling site near his community on February 7, the first working day after the Chinese New Year.Debao County, the epicenter of the epidemic, has carried out three rounds of nucleic acid screening.The streets of Debao county are empty and every door is closed. Without the red lanterns and couplets, it would not look like the Spring Festival.”My family is now well supplied with daily necessities, and the supermarket on the street is well supplied.We are waiting with peace of mind and actively cooperating with the government to defeat the epidemic.”The epidemic has disrupted the festive atmosphere and affected work, li said, “but we will definitely overcome it.”The picture shows the lockdown of a hotel in Debao County, Baise city.The Vienna International Hotel, which is officially listed as a risk area in the epidemic, is located at the edge of tengfei Square in the center of the county, and the entrance of the hotel has been marked by a police cordon and closed management.The vast square has lost its bustle.From time to time, there are vehicles passing the door of the hotel, a spray after the air filled with a thick smell of disinfectant.According to current tracing, the first case in Baise is highly likely to be infected outside the province.According to the official disclosure, the first case took part in many gathering activities after returning to Guangxi, which led to the rapid spread of the epidemic. Among them, the number of cases caused by participating in dinner parties accounted for about half of the local first-generation cases.And then spread further through family and community transmission, and at most, all cases are in the same chain of transmission.Earlier, there were rumors that baise’s first confirmed COVID-19 case “went to a hotel with his lover after returning home from Shenzhen” and that his car was burned by villagers.Local authorities refuted rumors today that the above rumors are untrue.Liu Ning, secretary of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC), said: “The epidemic prevention and control situation in Baise is very serious.He held an emergency meeting on the evening of 6, “and the virus beat, race against time, strive to win the fight against the epidemic prevention and control of Baise city annihilation war.”As of 13:00 On February 7, 768 close contacts and 1205 sub-close contacts had been examined in Baise.In Nanning, 33 people were closely connected and 44 were sub-connected.At present, Debao County has designated one medium-high risk zone, three containment zones and three control zones, and the whole area is the prevention zone.In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Baise city has upgraded its control measures and imposed home quarantine measures on all members of the city starting from midnight on February 7, according to city officials.Baise city implemented the “no entry, no exit” measures, all highway intersections temporarily closed, border ports delayed normal opening, highway passenger transport temporarily suspended, private vehicles suspended cross-regional passage.(after)