Where does Ukraine go from here?

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On February 15, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Scholz held talks in Moscow.At a news conference after their talks, Mr. Putin made it clear that Russia did not want war.That’s why Russia is making proposals for security in Europe, where NATO has been responsible for wars in the past.Putin says Russia is ready to discuss security issues with the United States and NATO, including the INTERMEDIate-range nuclear Forces treaty and military transparency, but only if the main issues that address Russia’s core concerns can be discussed.Other countries’ military deterrence to Russia is a direct threat to Russia’s national security, and Russia cannot turn a blind eye to it.Scholz: Working with Russia to Achieve Lasting Peace Scholz said lasting security and peace for Europe can only be achieved through cooperation with Russia.He stressed that it was now up to each side to take responsibility for avoiding war in Europe.He also said Germany is ready to hold further talks with all partners and Allies in the European Union and NATO, as well as with Russia, on the specifics of de-escalation.Novy vzglyad said Russia’s western and southern command some officers and soldiers to leave the border 15, Russian defense ministry spokesman kerner “peskov said in a statement that although Russia nationwide large-scale exercises continues, but some officers and soldiers in southern and western military region military command is over border practice tasks, they will return to HSBC to depart later in the day.Reuters and AGence France-Presse say Russia has withdrawn some of its troops from the Ukrainian border in a move that could ease tensions with the West.A day earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu briefed Russian President Vladimir Putin on large-scale naval exercises and the recent expulsion of a US submarine.Shoigu says Russia is nearing the end of large-scale naval exercises.After the exercise, the fleet forces of each military area will return to their respective stations.Russia is not going to war with Ukraine.Du Wenlong, Guest commentator: Russia’s actions fundamentally expose the US lies.”The United States has been fanning the flames on the Russia-Ukraine issue with multiple timescales to discredit Russia, including a large number of troop movements and adjustments, the advance deployment of heavy weapons and equipment, the possibility of war in a short period of time, and making American guesses about weather conditions, road conditions.The fact that Russia voluntarily shifted its military forces from the exercise area to the base shows that there is no basis for Russia’s military incursion as claimed by the United States.If you don’t have troops, if you don’t have weapons, why invade Ukraine?This Russian move fundamentally exposes the United States of America as a liar.”Around the situation in Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany and other countries are constantly “put out the fire”, but outside the region, the United States is like a replay machine, since the beginning of this month, almost every day in the similar “Russian invasion of Ukraine at any time” statement.A CNN report on Sunday showed part of a Russian armored column on three sides of the Ukrainian border.They were all moved to within 20 miles of Ukraine, the report said.Also on the move are a large number of Iskander missiles with a range of about 450km.It also aired the latest video of the “Alliance Resolution-2022” joint military exercise between Russia and Belarus.Reports say it is the largest Russian military presence in Belarus since the fall of the Berlin Wall.Du Wenlong, Guest Commentator: What is the purpose of the US constantly inflating the situation in Ukraine?Du wenlong believes that the US wants to adjust its operational deployment by taking advantage of the situation in Ukraine.Du WENLONG: “The main objective of the United States is still to adjust its combat deployment in Eastern Europe through the deterioration of the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.So from the current around the situation in Ukraine, the United States to NATO military mobilization to analysis, before the first goal is to have no reason to deployment of troops to the front, a large amount of adjustment to the front region, both from second-tier NATO countries, also have come from the United States, in the front area to deploy the new weapons and equipment at the same time, will also find a good reason.If the us continues to advance the deployment of advanced weapons and equipment around the Ukraine crisis, in fact, the US deterrence and strike capability can reach a high state with the help of the Ukraine crisis.Therefore, if such actions in Ukraine cannot trigger military conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, the United States can adjust its basic posture towards Russia by virtue of the crisis situation.So the so-called three-dimensional advantage of the United States in the neighborhood will be vastly improved.”(source: China’s military networks) whose | in tao master Chen | a compiled album | contribute Hector Jing email | | ybxsddbPLA@163.com contribute phone 010-66-896996