What are jingdong ious?

2022-05-13 0 By

Jingdong’s Paitiao is an Internet consumer financial product officially launched by Jingdong. It and Alipay’s Huabei share the same feature of “consumption first, payment later”.When opening jingdong IOUS, customers can directly pay for the items they want to purchase with the IOUS. They can change the ious before the repayment date without any interest.Jingdong paitiao is an Internet credit payment product, which allows users to experience convenient and fast service of consumption first, payment later and installment at will. Namely, it is a credit payment product. Customers who have opened paitiao must be reviewed and evaluated by JINGdong big data and can only open it if they meet the conditions of high credit rating.Jd.com’s IOUS offer a service with up to 24 instalments, a lower execution rate than bank credit cards, and a 30-day deferred payment without incurs any fees.Not only that, the security is also particularly high, whether account login, transaction, activation, information modification and other operations, jingdong risk monitoring system for every operation of security scanning, fact calculation, Jingdong baitiao anti-theft brush is also among the top two.Jingdong Baitiao has also opened up the global purchase, jingdong Home, product crowdfunding, etc. In addition, it has gradually covered various fields such as housing, decoration, tourism, education, etc., providing more consumers with a variety of credit consumption services.