Tomorrow watch: short track speed skating final day rushed two gold, veteran Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu hope to realize the dream

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On February 16, the Beijing Winter Olympics will produce eight gold MEDALS and one bronze medal in nine events, respectively: women’s ice hockey one bronze medal, biathlon one gold medal, short track speed skating two gold MEDALS, alpine skiing one gold medal, cross-country skiing two gold MEDALS, freestyle skiing two gold MEDALS.Among them, the short track speed skating event will enter the final competition day.China’s Zhang Yuting, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong will compete in the women’s 1,500m in the men’s 5,000m short-track speed skating relay group A final.Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu have successfully advanced to the men’s freestyle skiing aerials final and will compete for MEDALS in tomorrow’s final.Short track speed skating comes to a close with the final two gold MEDALS in the event tomorrow night – the women’s 1,500m and the men’s 5,000m relay.In both events, China is expected to win gold in the men’s relay, where it won silver in the 5,000m in Pyeongchang.Sun Long and Li Wenlong teamed up with Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing to finish second in the men’s 5,000m relay final at this season’s World Cup.In the semi-final, cb encountering “knife” accident, the Olympics are the men’s 5000 m relay semi-finals, because young cb “play knife” accident, the Chinese team was sentenced to directly into the finals, cause there will be five teams in group A final title, are China, South Korea, the Russian Olympic committee delegation, Canada and Italy,This undoubtedly increased the suspense and intensity of the match.South Korea has long been a formidable rival to China, with Hwang Dae-heon winning the men’s 1,500m in Beijing and the relay also a focus of their competition.Short track speed skating, however, the other three countries power to be reckoned with, among them, the Italian team player Peter, siegel is mixed in the final 2000 meters relay last bar, in the case of differ with the Chinese team is far distance, his full after the Italian team in 0.016 the difference between the second punch lines, can be found in its strength.The men’s 5,000m relay final will be held at 20:44 PM on Sunday, hoping China will win gold in the men’s 5,000m relay.Zhang Yuting, Zhang Chutong and Han Yutong won bronze MEDALS in the women’s 3,000m relay in the quarterfinals of the women’s 1,500m at 19:30, while Zhang Yuting also won gold in the 2,000m mixed team relay.I hope the Chinese athletes can perform well in the women’s 1500 meters and finish the race perfectly.The men’s freestyle skiing aerials qualification will be held tonight. According to the rules, the top 6 in the first round of the qualification will advance directly to the final, and the rest will enter the second round of the qualification.In the first round of the qualifying round, Son started with the fourth pick but made a mistake in landing and finished 23rd with 85.40 points.Qi Guangpu started with the 5th order, chose the 4.425 difficulty movement, landed firmly, got 127.88 points, to the first successful promotion.Jia zongyang started with the 14th pick, also chose the 4.425 difficulty, solid landing, got 125.67 points, in the second place to successfully advance.Wang, who started with the 22nd pick, finished 12th with 114.60 points.At the end of the first round, Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang advanced to the final with the group top two, while Sun Jiaxu and Wang Xindi will enter the second round of the qualification competition.Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu advance in the second round of qualification, Chinese players Sun Jiaxu, Wang Xindi to fight, the first round has 6 players directly advance, the second round will be combined with the first round of a jump and a jump in this round, the best six players to advance to tomorrow’s final.Sun jiaxu, who scored 85.40 in the first round and was ranked fourth, finished 12th with a score of 110.86.Wang started with the 17th pick and scored 98.19 points. She finished the first round with 114.60 points, placing eighth and missing out on the final.Jia zongyang was the third-place finalist in Sochi and the runner-up in Pyeongchang.Earlier in the Beijing Winter Olympics, he made a mistake in his own round in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final, which cost China the gold medal.After the race, he was very upset and cried several times. After cleaning up his mood, he said that he would try his best in the individual event. He hoped that Jia zongyang could make up for his regret and realize his dream successfully in the final tomorrow.Qi guangpu is also a veteran of the Winter Olympics. His best result in an individual event at the Winter Olympics was the fourth place in Sochi.After winning the silver medal in the mixed team event at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Qi guangpu said he would try his best in the individual event.The freestyle skiing men’s aerialskills final will be held at 19:00 on The evening of 16th, we hope that jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu, two “four-time veterans”, can make up for the regret of the mixed team silver, and launch a challenge for the gold medal of this individual event.In addition, the men’s slalom will take place at 13:45 in alpine skiing, with Xu Mingfu and Zhang Yangming competing.The biathlon women’s 4× 6km relay will be held at 15:45 and the gold medal will be awarded. Chinese athlete Tang Jialin, who is competing in her third Winter Olympics, will join Chu Yuanmeng, Meng Fanqi and Ding Yuhuan.Cross-country skiing starts at 17:15 with two short distance gold MEDALS for the men’s and women’s teams.Curling, the round-robin tournament entered the penultimate match day, China’s two teams will meet the round robin final.The Chinese women’s team will play against England and Canada at 9:05 and 20:05 respectively, while the Chinese men’s team will play against Switzerland at 14:05.Women’s ice hockey will play the bronze medal match at 19:30 p.m., with Finland and Switzerland battling it out for third place.(Figure from network)