The new college entrance examination mode is “adjusted”, physics and chemistry are “bundled”, and the combination of three selected subjects is more popular

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In order to cultivate talents in line with the needs of social development, the educational system is adjusted and changed every year.In recent years, the new college entrance examination model has been implemented, from the original college entrance examination of arts and science to the current “3+1+2” model, which is a major reform for education.In the face of reform there will be advantages and disadvantages, according to the lack of adjustment at any time.For parents and students are very entangled in the selection of subjects, this year has made a new adjustment.Tying physics and chemistry together is good for future college majors as well as school choices.Many students who are good at science do not have to worry too much.By 2024, physics and chemistry will be divided into two subjects. Currently, physics and history will be chosen, leaving the rest of the subjects to be chosen freely.Physics means 95.7 percent of majors are available, and most of them are science and engineering majors.Choosing a major in science and engineering requires only one subject in physics, biology and chemistry, so many students only choose physics.In order to constantly improve the gaokao system, students’ subjects are also being adjusted.When physics and chemistry are grouped together, there is a direct change in students’ choice of major.For example, a university in Beijing put forward a clear requirement for students to choose a subject. If they only choose physics, they may not be able to major in science and engineering. If they want to go to science and engineering, they need to choose physics and chemistry.Candidates need to know the requirements in advance to avoid missing their favorite schools and majors.Through the adjustment of physics and chemistry, the general direction of subject selection has also changed significantly.Most of them chose physics, chemistry and biology, followed by physics, chemistry and geography.There are more than three times as many people in first place as in last place.Compared with the branch before binding, the difference is still larger.After the adjustment of the choice of subjects, the three combinations are more popular for excellent students to choose physical chemistry + biology: before physics and chemistry are not put together, many excellent students choose physics, chemistry and biology, but after the change, their choice is still the same combination, basically unchanged.There are two reasons why this combination is favored by students with excellent academic performance. One is that this combination has a wide range of specialties, so you can choose the majors of science and technology or literature and history in the future university. It will be easier to fill in the application in the future and there will be more choices.Another advantage is that there is a strong connection between subjects. Students who are good at science are more suitable for science in their way of thinking, so they study together.It is easy for students with good grades to read books, and it is easier to control their grades.Compared with those that need a lot of time and energy to memorize history and politics, science is much easier to learn, of course, if you master the learning method and way of thinking.Medium students will choose physical change + geography, and physical change + politics: for students with medium results, the subject is more tangled, for the future development, they will hope to choose and science has a relationship with the major, but personal results are not very ideal.Since physics and chemistry cannot be separated, the choice of the third subject can only be adjusted. Geography and politics are relatively simple subjects requiring less memorization, so these two combinations are mostly chosen by students with middle grades.The reasons behind the majority of students choosing physical + politics, physical + geography are very realistic. There are no restrictions on college majors: after physics and chemistry are selected together, most majors can be selected except for a few medical majors. When the major is not limited, the selectivity of the school will also expand.If the score of the college entrance examination is also relatively high, then the time to fill in the volunteer is relatively easy.Even if the university is a biology major, you can choose biology in high school, as long as you have physics and chemistry.Strong political practicability and great advantage in score assignment: The practicability of politics is relatively strong. It is not only helpful for the choice of majors in universities, such as police academy and military academy, but also helpful for the future postgraduate entrance examination and gonggong entrance examination.Moreover, the content of politics is related to facts, which is relatively easy to learn, and easier to understand when combined with real life.Although geography used to be categorized as a liberal arts category, it also involved some computation and was as difficult as biology.Geography and politics are the two subjects that have an advantage in the new grading system of college entrance examination.Because the total score is relatively high, which means the denominator is large, the score in the college entrance examination is relatively dominant.Personal advice: For students who want to choose geography and politics, it should be noted that the study of these two courses requires more subjectivity, and the way of thinking is different from physical chemistry.It takes more time and energy, especially for students who are good at science. It may be a little difficult at the beginning.Because the subjectivity is relatively strong, so the change in the score will be relatively large, it is also a test for students’ endurance.Conclusion: No matter how the college entrance examination is reformed, as long as the learning content of each subject is mastered, it can be done: should be changed with the same.Do not be too entangled in the selection of subjects, according to their own advantages of subjects and total scores, professional hobbies to decide, I hope every examinee can be admitted to their favorite school.Today’s topic: the new mode of college entrance examination subject selection, what do you think?