Service more convenient xi ‘an High-tech hospital convenient service station upgrade

2022-05-13 0 By

On February 17th, the convenience service station of the high-tech hospital in the 15-minute convenience service circle of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone was officially put into operation, welcoming every citizen with a new look and high-quality service.The convenient service station of Xi ‘an High-tech Hospital is located on the first floor of the outpatient department of The high-tech Hospital. Previously, it was a special window for the newborn birth service of “one thing at a time” jointly set up by the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone and other departments.After several upgrades, the service station has expanded to 3 business Windows, which can accept many businesses such as employee unemployment insurance application, employee injury insurance application, employee maternity insurance reimbursement, employee medical insurance reimbursement, resident medical insurance reimbursement and so on.The hotline of the service station is 029-88330035. The service hours are 9:00-12:00 am and 13:00-17:00 PM (Monday to Friday).According to introducing, convenient service station of xi ‘an high-tech hospital this upgrade the biggest bright spot is the public security data private network access, by public security data private network, the household registration “newborn” business is dealt with before the time limit can be thus compression for the 1 working day to do, and realize the birth of all kinds of documents do quickly cache, bring the real convenience and benefits.Xi ‘an high-tech zone, said an official with the government affairs service center in order to further satisfy the masses “nearby” “shortcut” requirements, the next step, xi ‘an high-tech zone will continue to improve the “12 + 5 + N” grassroots government affairs service system, and weave the secret government affairs service, continue to promote e-government sinking, realize the masses do not out of the town (street), enterprise management is not out of the park (area),Serving the masses “zero distance”.(By Yang Hao-lu Wei)