Normal desire after menopause?D: As long as there are no abnormalities, there is no problem

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In the cognition of many people, menopause is the performance of women’s complete aging, and even some people wrongly believe that as long as it is after menopause, women are no longer “women” and can no longer have sex.But in fact, these understandings are very one-sided and material, the so-called menopause, in fact, every woman must go through the aging transition period.When a woman reaches the age of 45 to 55, her ovaries are on the verge of aging and loss of function. Once the ovarian follicles are completely exhausted, or the remaining follicles fail to respond to gonadotropins, a woman reaches menopause.In China’s clinical, the vast majority of women’s physical menopause is before the age of 50.Even women who are fully menopausal can still have sex.This is because sex relies on the vagina and hormones.Although the ovaries have lost their ability to secrete hormones, but the adrenal glands and other organs still produce the right amount of estrogen, so menopause just means that women have lost the ability to reproduce, but they are still women!It’s just that women’s desire for sex is lower than it is in middle age due to decreased estrogen production.Moreover, the loss of function and atrophy of organs such as ovary and uterus will affect the vagina. The vagina may be gradually shortened and vaginal secretions reduced, so it is easy to have vaginal dryness, pain or bleeding and other symptoms during sex.So the question is, if women’s sexual desire decreases after menopause, does that mean that increased sexual desire is abnormal?First of all, we need to understand that menopause does not suddenly appear, there is already a problem of ovarian aging before menopause, and after menopause, it just means that ovarian function is lower, but it does not necessarily disappear completely.It usually takes several years for ovarian function to reach its lowest point and then to lose completely.So, clinical general menopause is divided into three stages, respectively, pre – menopause, menopause and menopause.Hormone levels fluctuate greatly during this period, so it is normal for some women to feel a stronger need for sex after menstruation has stopped.Moreover, some women are affected by psychological factors and psychological hints, and there will also be an increase in sexual demand. We do not need to worry too much.Need to pay attention to is that women after menopause sexual behavior, should do the following: 1, pay attention to sexual health, both men and women before and after sex should be fully clean, in order to reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases in the elderly;2, should wear a condom, because women after menopause within a year, the ovary may also have the chance of ovulation, if you do not do a good job of contraception, may cause accidental pregnancy.Moreover, the wearing of condoms can effectively reduce the possibility of cross transmission of pathogens, and has certain benefits for the prevention of vaginal infection and sexually transmitted diseases in the elderly.3, as mentioned above, postmenopausal women are prone to vaginal dryness, pain and other problems.Therefore, women should be given adequate stimulation before sex, so that the vagina becomes moist.If necessary, couples can use lubricants and condoms together to enhance their sexual experience.Finally, if you go into menopause, it simply means that you are done with your fertility, but you are still a woman with a third of your life ahead of you.Therefore, we should know more about some knowledge related to menopause, in the face of menopause to maintain an optimistic, peaceful state of mind, learn to accept calmly.