“Nationwide anti-fraud” criminals to buy on behalf of the “Ice Dun Dun” implementation of fraud yancheng Jiangsu police quickly took it down

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Source:Jiangsu police 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in full swing, the winter Olympic mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” by the majority of netizens love as a new international “top flow” can be said to be “a pier hard to find” out of the “Bing Dwen Dwen” love many netizens choose to buy online let criminals see the new “business opportunities” real caseCases on February 7, 2022, yancheng citizens (large NianChuQi) morning Mr Yan found someone who can be bought on the Internet “ice mound mound” so two transfer through paying treasure to buy “ice mound mound” dolls when contact each other again but found shielding Mr Yan has been thought of his friend recently also by the person buy “ice mound mound” contact friends ask situation result of friendsFriends also blocked and have received only a glasses cloth in the express yan found deceived to yancheng city public security bureau immediately call 110 salt south high-tech zone branch of new police station for help estimate value is small, although far will chase yancheng police attaches great importance to begin work immediately on successfully locked the suspect on February 8, south high-tech zone branch salt yancheng city public security bureau criminal police brigade joint xindu station overnightWent to Beijing to carry out the arrest operation successfully captured the suspect Hu Mou Hu confessed to his illegal and criminal behavior this case is the province since this year detected the first “Ice Dun Dun” electric fraud case after a preliminary review has broken the case xiamen, Fujian 2 shaoxing, Zhejiang 1, Jiangsu Funing 1 at present,Tried the case is being further about the winter Olympics in these scam also should be careful oh 01 fake games official fraud criminals through constructing a false Olympic official website, on the website for the so-called “lucky draw” “games souvenir gift” “games are limited edition commemorative stamps flash sales” commemorative “games are snapping up” activities, such as decoy to register online.And swindler implant pilfer number Trojan horse or virus program in the website already, once the citizen operates according to the path that the website sets, can fall into the trap of swindler, bring about personal information to divulge, even the money in bank card is turned away.”Congratulations, you won the first prize in the winter Olympics feedback raffle held by our company, you will get 18,800 yuan bonus, and a laptop worth 10,000 yuan.”If you receive such a “winning” message, take it with a grain of salt.When the citizens who believe the truth contact with the redemption party, the other party will need to deposit money, pay mailing costs and other excuses, asking citizens to remit money first.When the remittance to the first sum of money, the swindler will also be in charge, tax and other items, continue to deceive the public remittance, until “eat dry squeeze”.03 false Olympic winter Olympics game competition, fund-raising fraud to the athletes show talent and realize the dream stage, criminals use special complex mass on the Olympics, by making up false stories or some players need funding poor family background, etc., diddle public sympathy, and in the form of “network collection” to defraud.In fact, fraud elements have long been in these sites planted stolen Trojan or virus programs.Once operate according to the path set by the website, it will fall into the trap of fraudsters.”Red envelope” every major event, there will always be a red envelope named athlete celebration, but after clicking on it, it is prompted to share the red envelope link to two different wechat groups to get, in this link also contains a lot of advertising content, according to the prompt operation, the money in the red envelope still hasn’t arrived in the account.So-called “need to share to receive a red envelope” is usually carried out some forged into WeChat Lucky Money malicious means of marketing, publishers to use send “red envelope” to attract users forwarding, in addition to cheat actually increase the transmission quantity, the user will not get any benefits, also easy to cause personal information leakage, even property will be affected by the loss.The police remind relevant departments have announced that the licensed goods of the Beijing Winter Olympics will continue to be sold at least until the end of June this year, and active measures have been taken to promote production, so that there will be a steady supply of “ice Dwen dwen” to the market.Please be rational in your consumption. Do not buy from “scalpers” at high prices to avoid economic losses.The police will severely crack down on illegal activities such as online fraud, counterfeiting and selling at high prices.