Nanchong uncle violence refuse to hold, bite the implementation of police!

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Why did a 68-year-old man spend the Lantern Festival in a detention center when he should be enjoying his family at home?Recently, yilong County people’s Court enforcement officers in the application for implementation of a long, Chen a contract property dispute case, long relying on old, insolent and unreasonable, violence to refuse to hold, bite the implementation of the police, the hospital in accordance with the law to its judicial detention 15 days.Read the detention decision book spread and play to refuse to perform effective legal documents application executor Wang mou and Long mou once introduced, held a wedding.After the wedding, the couple lived together briefly and then separated.Long a limited capacity of civil conduct, long, Chen for its guardian.Wang asked long, Chen, long a return of the bride price was rejected, after the village mediation failed to appeal to Yilong court.Yilong court after the trial, according to law by the long, Chen returned Wang mou bride price 35000 yuan.After the judgment comes into effect, Long mou, Chen mou refuses to perform, Wang Mou applies for compulsory execution.February 10, the executive police together with the village committee cadres to the long, Chen mou residence, persuade its implementation of effective legal documents.Taking into account the actual situation of long, Chen, the age of the police, the implementation of the long can return part of the bride price, and persuade Wang mou agreed to its long-term performance, reached a reconciliation agreement.The implementation of the police patient interpretation of the law, the dragon is indifferent, play to depend on, swear, and threatened “I sit to is also a personal, stand up is also a personal, see how you do”.In view of long’s bad behavior, the police decided to arrest long to the court.In the dragon with the police car, the dragon pulled the police car door does not give up, refused to get on the bus.In the car, Long Mou to lock the door for the chance to escape, and to the following car executive officers told the village cadres would help him to lock the door, see “wishful thinking”, Long Mou no anger, big put malicious words “take me away, don’t you take me back, are you run not to take off”, and suddenly he grabbed an executive officers hand not to put, lead to perform policemen back injury bleeding.Judicial detention detention center yuanxiao although Longmou has reached the age of 68, but old is not the reason for breaking faith, but not the reason to challenge legal authority, for longmou this kind of evil, Yilong court firmly punishment, decided to longmou judicial detention 15 days in accordance with the law.After the hospital physical examination, the subject Long has no serious disease or acute infectious disease, and the nucleic acid test result is negative, and meets the conditions of detention. After completing the formalities of the police, Long will be immediately sent to the detention center for detention.Things have so far, Long still do not know repentance, in the detention house routine inspection, suddenly lie down on the ground, extremely uncooperative, refused to hand over the lighter, keys and other contraband.Finally, in the implementation of the police with, lasted for an hour, three police to complete the routine inspection of longmou, longmou into custody.Long paid the price for his violent refusal.Strike refuse to hold, we will not be soft!Source: Yilong County People’s Court