Mom and dad are struggling for the Asian Games!The children who stayed in Hangzhou, follow “Follow Su Dongpo tour hangzhou”

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This year, Hangzhou will host the Asian Games, in order to ensure the completion of the Asian Games on time, many people choose to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival, to contribute to the construction of the city.In order to let the builder of the children, also can have a meaningful Spring Festival in hangzhou, hangzhou west lake museum main library launched a warm heart of cultural activities, invite the builders of the children come to the museum, together to “follow su dongpo tour – hangzhou youth education experience” exhibition, and connecting with the exhibition, to an extension monuments, interactive activity.Today, the children walked into the museum and started a song rhyme trip full of flavor of the New Year. Together, they “followed Su Dongpo to hangzhou”.Under the guidance of the volunteer narrator, we first came to the exhibition hall and listened to the legend of Su Dongpo dredging the West Lake and building su Causeway.In the exhibition explanation, the narrator combined with the exhibition carefully designed eight experience projects, will be Su Dongpo’s poetry, political achievements, footprints, stories one by one.There are three stone tablets in qian Wang Temple: Biao Zhong Guan Bei, one of the few relics left by Su Dongpo in Hangzhou, and a masterpiece of his regular script calligraphy.The ancients erected steles and carved words in order to perpetuate the passage.So how did the words on the stone tablets spread?At the exhibition site, we designed a link of monument extension experience. Through hands-on attempts, children also felt the fun of monument extension.The construction project of greenway around Xixi and five entrances and exits is the key project of xixi Scenic Area to welcome the Asian Games and the important content of xixi integrated construction. The goal is to make a wonderful appearance before the Asian Games in Hangzhou.Due to heavy construction tasks and complex construction sites, management is extremely difficult.In order to achieve the goal successfully, the builders actively responded to the hangzhou government’s call of “Celebrating the Spring Festival in place” and ensured that the construction progress was not discounted.Chen Tianle is here today. His mother Wang Li is a member of the construction staff of the xixi Greenway project and the five entrances and exits project. She usually spends all her time on the project and seldom has time to accompany her child.This time I heard that the West Lake scenic area has this activity, she immediately help the child to sign up.”I don’t have much time to accompany him at ordinary times. Today we have this activity, so I will bring my children to experience it. Later, after the activity, we can also go to the West Lake.”With his rubbings, Chen Tianle has called his mother to help him take pictures.”I haven’t come out to play with my mother for a long time. Just now the instructor told us the story of Su Dongpo. He turned out to be the ‘old mayor’ of Hangzhou.I have been on TV to see the ancient monument, today I also personally tried, did not expect a success!”While playing, while listening to the story, children’s meaningful play time quickly passed.The Main hall of Hangzhou West Lake Museum also prepared bookmarks, books, cultural masks, Asian Games mascot pendants and other cultural gifts for each child to participate in the activity, and sent everyone a cultural feast of the Spring Festival.It is understood that “Follow Su Dongpo to Hangzhou – Youth Education Experience Exhibition” is the Main museum of Hangzhou West Lake carefully created the New Year’s Eve exhibition.During the Spring Festival, the exhibition will continue to open, welcome young friends in Hangzhou to play and learn, follow su Dongpo’s footprints to understand the “second hometown” of Hangzhou, feel the unique charm of Hangzhou song culture.