Landscape xiangyang ancient city, bright lanterns to welcome the boom

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In the old days, there were the customs of “watching lanterns”, “appreciating the moon” and “setting off fireworks”.In ancient times, people in order to drive away the fear of darkness, so lanterns derived with exorcism blessing, pray for light.This section of lanterns style is various, beautiful appearance, novel and chic, in numerous lanterns, different lanterns have different names, so will the implication and connotation, has a lifelike dragon playing bead, blessing is exquisitely palace lantern, there are 2 happy New Year of the tiger lamp, with red five-colored deer pumpkin lamp, colorful phoenix lights, etc…Green, yellow, pink color trees standing in the roadside, colorful, gorgeous color, as if a colorful fairy tale world.Visitors stopped to watch and take photos, trying to keep the gorgeous scenery.Tonight’s lantern, modelling myriad, artistic conception myriad, let a person see dazzling.All kinds of lanterns, animal lights still shine, dressed the earth gorgeous, to the New Year covered with holiday costumes.Since ancient times, there has been the custom of doing lanterns in China. The custom of appreciating lanterns during the Chinese New Year is more prevalent. The crowd of lanterns is moving and crowded every year, but it is always happy.Maybe this is some kind of plot, like the invariable local accent, the rare taste, the cherished memory forever.# Xiangyang Headlines ## Walking in Xiangyang City ## Photography #