How do you keep someone’s put-downs from hurting you?

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Ah man teacher _ hypnotic depression fear bipolar, anxiety forced panic!The reason why a person belittles others is because belittling others can elevate themselves and enhance their sense of value, which is his defense against their inferiority.A person puts others down because he has been so belittled by his parents or those around him, and so the belittling internalizes into his own personality.So it’s a form of self-deprecation on his part, but it comes through empathy.So when you come across people belittling you, it’s not your problem.When you see his put-down, you see his inferiority or self-deprecation.Of course you can get angry when someone puts you down, but you can also fight back, at least to protect yourself.Emotions need to be there. Aggression can be there.It’s just a way of attacking and confronting, and it’s too weak, because you can stop someone’s defense for a while, but you can’t stop someone’s defense forever.So you have to know from the bottom of your heart that it is the inferiority and self-deprecation of others, then you will not suffer from the symptoms of others.If you’re constantly brooding over other people’s judgments, you may have an inferiority complex to deal with.If you can recognize that it’s other people’s inferiority and self-deprecation, and you can identify with yourself, then other people will no longer use put-downs against you.Because it no longer has any effect on you, because it no longer has any relation to you, without relation and function there is no need, and your strength of character grows stronger and stronger.