Brave the cold blossom professional dedication

2022-05-13 0 By

Mother Nature is generous and inclusive, and also carries the replacement of autumn and winter.Spring in Whitewater seems to be coming later than usual, but that doesn’t affect the enthusiasm of the Whitewater apple people!On the morning of February 17, snowflakes in the north wind were flying up and down among apple trees.But the white water people in the apple orchard without cold, heart to warm, enthusiasm is not reduced, lofty feelings!It is a good time for fruit trees to be pruned. In order not to miss work, miss time and catch up with the time, experts and staff at whitewater Apple Test Station have started their regular routine pruning.Apple mother tree is the source of research and development of innovative varieties, is undoubtedly a cultural spirit of inheritance!Professor Zhao Zhengyang, the chief expert of the test station, led us to take good care of the mother trees of sanrui apple (Ruiyang, Ruixue, Ruixianghong) grown in baishui Apple Test Station of Northwest A&F University.Whether for ruiyang, Ruixue, Ruixianghong mother tree skeleton culture, plastic pruning, wound protection, scion arrangement, or decades of research and development of new varieties, careful cultivation, are hard-won, for a new round of high-quality development of apple has opened up a new path.Mother trees will be treasured and protected as precious resources, taking root and germinating in the embrace of baishui mother, showing the struggle of xinong people and Baishui people from generation to generation, and inheriting the fruit farmer spirit of never striving.Correspondent Jing Shujuan