Alibaba Rhinoceros Intelligent Manufacturing was selected as “Industrial Internet Platform Innovation Leading Application Case” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published the “2021 Industrial Internet Platform Innovation Leading Application Case List”, from Alibaba Xunxi Digital Technology Co., LTD. (namely “Rhinocizzao”) “cloud intelligent manufacturing platform innovation application” selected.Reporters noted that in all 140 cases selected this year in the application of enterprises, rhinoceros wisdom is the only Internet enterprises.As the authoritative selection in the field of industrial Internet, the cases selected for “Innovation leadership” need to meet the high standards of advanced technology and remarkable results.Most of the cases come from large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, such as ComAC’s “Digital Co-simulation platform based on industrial Internet” and Midea group’s “Innovative application of digital intelligent factory based on 5G+ Industrial Internet Platform”.It is reported that the “cloud intelligent manufacturing platform” of Rhinoceros Intelligent Manufacturing is a full-link digital platform of garment manufacturing industry from demand side to supply side developed by more than 100 software and hardware engineers and algorithm engineers after more than 3 years of exploration.The platform covers demand prediction, process design, material supply, order scheduling, production and manufacturing, quality management and other manufacturing scenes to ensure that the whole link data on the cloud;Through computer vision identification, artificial intelligence, simulation and other scientific and technological means, the cloud data will be processed to guide business decisions, and truly achieve “on-demand production, flexible and quick response”.This is the rhinoceros smart build to achieve the whole link digital management of the “nucleus”.At present, this “cloud intelligent manufacturing platform” has been opened to the public in the rhino intelligent manufacturing ecosystem.Under the same conditions, the production efficiency is greatly improved by using the “cloud intelligent manufacturing platform”.Gao Yingmai, director of digital Transformation Research Department of Information and Software Industry Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, said that the inclusion of Rhinocizzao means alibaba’s innovation practice of creating a “new species” of industrial Internet platform has been recognized by the industry.Rhinoceros Wisdom zao has gradually become a new model of Internet embracing manufacturing, a pioneer of “cloud manufacturing”, and has a broader imagination in “open source manufacturing”.In September 2020, Alibaba’s “new manufacturing” platform xi Niu Wisdom made its official debut.It actively explores from the clothing industry, provides technical support for the production management of enterprises, and helps to build intelligent manufacturing enterprises.In costume design, ZIZao introduces innovative artificial intelligence technology to merchants, shortening the development cycle of new costumes to two weeks, which is 5 times more efficient than the traditional mode.Up to now, Rhinoceros Smart manufacturing has reached close cooperation with more than 300 businesses and factories in multiple domestic garment industry clusters.In November last year, Lutai Textile and Rhinoceros Intelligent Manufacturing reached a strategic cooperation, and the first intelligent industrial park jointly created by both sides was officially put into operation, indicating that the new manufacturing mode of “customized production and on-demand production” in the garment industry is accelerating.Alibaba is accelerating its push for digital convergence.Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, said, “The consumer side is already highly digital, and the rapid change in consumer demand is also driving the digital transformation of the supply side.”We foresee a shift from traditional manufacturing, which is characterized by large-scale, standardized and seasonal production, to a more personalized and flexible model centered on consumer needs.”Some industry observers believe that in addition to Ali’s digital and intelligent technology, Rhinoceros Smart manufacturing has the advantage of timely and accurate insight into market demand and rich experience in serving merchants relying on Taobao tmall.Innovation cases such as “Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing Platform” are conducive to promoting each factory from isolated island to network collaboration, and realizing the seamless connection between industrial Internet and consumer Internet.As a representative of new manufacturing, Rhinoceros Smart manufacturing has also become the first “beacon factory” in the global garment industry selected by the World Economic Forum for its practice of “on-demand production, digital transformation and network collaboration of small and medium-sized factories”.(Photo by Alibaba authorized This article is from Technology