With a more sporty look, skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV was officially released

2022-05-12 0 By

Recently, Skoda officially released the ENYAQ COUPE iV, the COUPE version of its pure electric SUV. The new car can be seen as the brother model of Volkswagen ID.5, which further strengthens the sports attribute on the basis of the original electric SUV.In terms of appearance, new car in the front part, of course, consistent with the normal version ENYAQ, the iconic straight waterfall type grille with luminous function become the most prominent feature, left and right sides of the connection with the opposite sex LED headlamp unit, under the front bumper part has a sharp trapezoidal grille adornment, left and right side there is an additional black C glyph decorations ornament,The overall style is sharper than skoda fuel models and Volkswagen ID series.On the side of the body, the new car has a large sliding back sedan car line. If we want to select a sedan car of Volkswagen group that is most similar to BMW X4 and X6 families, ENYAQ COUPE iV should take the lead, with smooth roof transition, sharp multi-segment waist line, sports pneumatic wheels and other details.They all look very handsome.In the rear part of the car, the new car adopts a relatively simple design. C-shaped flat red lights with taillights have become the standard of all new skoda cars, and the taillights drive the trunk to sag inward to a large extent, showing a stronger sense of hierarchy.The license plate suspension position is located in the rear bumper, adding a sense of integration in the design, the overall is quite elegant.In the interior part of a new car, of course, also consistent with the model, a suspension mass MEB platform of the iconic big size LCD screen and small size LCD panel design, skoda version of the dashboard USES the embedded structure, of course, at the same time, the entire central mesa continuation of the modelling of the latest generation of fuel vehicles, with a screen driven forward outstanding exhibition vane modelling,The rich degree of materials used in the workmanship is better than the Volkswagen model.The shift mechanism also uses the more traditional armrest box front electronic gear lever, not the ID series of dashboard shift.In terms of the overall idea, compared with the emphasis on avant-garde ID series, the interior decoration of Skoda MEB platform electric vehicle takes into account the luxury sense of traditional fuel models.Of course, according to the convention, the new car also launched the RS model, no matter in the appearance of the interior and other details have a more athletic performance, especially the fur material of the integrated sports seat, always teasing the motor nerves of the driver.In terms of power, the new car basically adopts the example brand of MEB platform, starting from the rear single motor with maximum power of 204 horsepower, with 82kwH lithium battery pack, THE PURE electric range of WLTP reaches 545km, which is higher than the ordinary version of ENYAQ. Obviously, the lower wind resistance coefficient of coupe SUV reflects the advantage.The general four-wheel drive version is the front and rear double motor, the maximum comprehensive power of 265 horsepower, RS version under the same structure, the maximum power increased to 299 horsepower, the maximum torque of 460 nm, 100 km acceleration only 6.5 seconds, the top speed of 180km/h.As ID series have been produced on a large scale in China, Skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV is not a big surprise to Chinese consumers on the whole. What attracts the most attention is its sharp appearance and more classy interior.We have to wait and see when it will be introduced to Korea.