Ford Turer Europa one car, business and passenger one ultra appearance level

2022-05-12 0 By

Ford Turer Europa, intimate and intelligent, extremely safe, efficient and green, is your trusted travel partner.Manufacturer policy support, the highest replacement enjoy 2000 yuan, car lottery, the whole department in hot sales.The number of current cars is limited, our professional sales consultants to provide you with one-to-one butler service to thank customers for their long-term trust and support, network reservation customers can enjoy seven re-customized gifts as follows: Network reservation VIP customers enjoy a beautiful gift upon entering the store;Please bring your driving license, and our professional test drive specialist will accompany you to test drive experience, and send you a beautiful gift;Old customers to introduce the successful purchase of car maintenance once;Become a VIP customer of JIANGling Ford, participate in a series of activities such as self-driving travel experience first;Any model can participate in the replacement.Shangrao Xingshun Ford flagship store has a professional second-hand appraiser, transfer, annual inspection, free evaluation, easy to buy a new car;Installment purchase low down payment, low interest, a variety of flexible tail payment options;3 years 100000 km warranty.The event runs from March 31, 2022 to April 2, 2022