Can monthly income 6000 raise Audi A4L?The car owner said: Don’t consider less than that

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Many people want to buy a luxury car when people’s income keeps rising and their conditions become better and better.Luxury cars do have a better driving experience and are very respectable.Some young people can’t afford too expensive luxury cars, they will choose some BBA entry-level luxury cars, can you afford audi A4L with a monthly income of 6000?Car owners calculate an account: below this number, audi has lowered a lot in today’s “magic”, among which audi 4AL has lowered its guide price to a slightly lower than normal level at the beginning.In today’s rampant price war, its luxury car status is also abandoned by it, and its terminal naked car price is not high, so it has become a target favored by a large consumer group.Buy a car that can cope with everyday use, but also bring luxury, so in this case, the salary can afford a luxury car, audi A4L owners show their spending.Also has the difference, however, maintain a is an installment the cost of buying a car, the second, is the daily expenditure of all models after landing, the owner is the latter today, because I have much money, so I chose the 335800 dollars in the match, but, after the discount, the 4 s shops and only $271000, the lowest quotation, didn’t increase additional terms,Add in some necessary expenses and the total is 305,000.Don’t need the car for his car identity out several aspects of the expenses, the late is still familiar examples, fuel consumption accounts for the main expenditure, in addition, we guarantee that the vehicle’s maintenance more pleasant, also can prevent the accident of commercial insurance, the car on the fuel consumption of the main cost is the essentiality of genetic mass, also because their car set,Therefore, there is no higher average fuel consumption value, and 6.8L is also close to the ideal performance after running nearly 15,000 kilometers, which costs more than 7,000 yuan a year, which is not expensive in advanced cars.About that a few insurance, the owner to own more insurance, all insurance bought the first year, so in this respect, spent 8400 yuan, in this regard, the first year is a bit expensive, it is inevitable, about the maintenance, it adopted the general maintenance of 5000 kilometers, but in a year, it is spending 2300 yuan,Adding in other fees such as parking and car washing, it will cost nearly 3,000 yuan.A total of 21,000 yuan is needed for a year, which is not too much for a luxury car, but if it is a medium-sized car, it will be part of the higher than ordinary models, and it is nearly 1,800 yuan in a month, which is really not affordable for ordinary people.To this the majority of car friends are how to look at it?