Zhang Jie is owed more than 10 million yuan in performance fees, and netizens have called for his pity

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, singer Zhang Jie has become the object of people’s attention.Because he was owed more than $10 million in acting fees.Zhang Jie was born in an ordinary family in Sichuan province. He is very talented in singing and is an excellent singer.The conclusion is: Zhang Jie this money is basically empty, not the other party does not give, but they have no money to give.Zhang Jie company is in arrears 10 million concert funds, and the other party has no money at all, Zhang Jie has been trying to improve their ability to sing, every time on the stage to try to take out the best performance.Now suddenly broke a news that Zhang Jie was owed more than 10 million performance fees, no wonder fans feel That Zhang Jie miserable!Some people say zhang Jie’s economic pressure is very big now, on the one hand, Xie Na two children gave birth to a daughter, this is the next three need “rich” daughter, the couple also have to work hard to earn money?On the other hand, with the closure of “Happy Camp”, Xie na and her old employer Hunan TV “broke up”, which will definitely affect their overall income.On Dec 31, Xie took part in hunan TV’s New Year’s Eve concert with the song “Little Kite”, and Dragon TV announced that Xie would appear on the stage of dragon TV’s Spring Festival Gala.So, even if so many people are teasing Xie Na’s hosting skills are not enough, people’s resources are still popular.Xie used to be the first sister of Hunan TV, and with her status and connections, she could be paid handily to be a random host.But this time is different from the past, he Jiong is still a elder brother of Hunan TV, but Xie Na is not a elder sister of Hunan TV.Shayna’s career has been turned upside down since Happy Camp went off the air.Shayna had suddenly hit a career low.Zhang Jie’s defeat this time is an alarm bell actually when he looks for company cooperation henceforth, certain meeting investigates company’s financial resources and debt situation, lest be deceived.And he chose to take the initiative to bear the loss of his fans, which shows that Zhang Jie is a singer who is very responsible and loves his fans.Friends, what do you think of Zhang Jie’s debt of 10 million yuan?