Yang Zhengxiao, party secretary and director of kunming People’s Congress Standing Committee, led a team to visit the workers in need

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The end of the year to the beginning of the festival, visit warm hearts.On the afternoon of January 28, Yang Zhengxiao, chairman of the Standing Committee of kunming Municipal People’s Congress, led a team to visit the destitute workers in Kunming and sent them holiday greetings and wishes.”How many are there in your family?Where does the child go to school?How is the old man?What do you need help with?””There are five people in my family, and I am the only one who has a job, with a monthly salary of more than 2,400 yuan. My daughter is now a freshman…”Yang Zhengxiao came to guandu district to close the street difficult worker Li Ping home, and their family talk, ask warm and cold.It is reported that Li Ping is a statistical staff member of the community in the central district of the Closed street. She lives in the Tianquan residential area of the closed street of Guandu District. Her monthly salary is 2469.57 yuan and her family has 5 people.Her husband is out of work at home because of gout and needs long-term treatment without income.My daughter is a freshman in 2021, and she needs tens of thousands of yuan in tuition and miscellaneous fees every year. There are two sick elderly people in their 70s in the family, who have no pension.At present, the burden of the family is on Li Ping alone, and she also suffers from chronic diseases, need to go to the hospital for regular review and treatment.After understanding the relevant situation, Yang Zhengxiao said to Li Ping:”Are you a person to carry the weight of a family is very not easy, but the difficulty is only temporary, to have confidence in life, to cultivate daughter, care for the elderly, and believe in, trade union organizations help and concern of the party committees and governments under your hard work, life will be better and better, immediately the New Year, I wish you and your family a happy New Year, good health!””Thank you for your concern, we are very moved, this year has been too warm…”Li Ping said excitedly.According to The actual situation of Li Ping, kunming Federation of Trade Unions applied for the “registration card” for her in accordance with relevant policies and regulations, and provided regular assistance through the trade union assistance system and measures to help them overcome difficulties and provide assistance within their capacity.All along, kunming Federation of Trade Unions has been particularly concerned about the work and life of employees in difficulties, and has established a long-term mechanism to help with general difficulties, timely help with unexpected difficulties, and help with prominent difficulties.In the future, kunming Federation of Trade Unions will continue to care for the masses of workers, and actively solve problems for everyone.Li Xiang, member of the party group and vice chairman of Kunming Federation of Trade Unions, kunming People’s Congress and people’s Congress of Guandu District attended the visit.