They are eager to post their “New Year’s Eve dinner” on their wechat moments

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New Year’s Eve, in gongshu district a centralized isolation point, is staging a special “online Spring Festival Gala”.A young girl in a ponytail bounced around the room singing “Happy New Year”.The clear children’s voice brought the joy and blessings of the New Year to all the “audience” in the group.

The “performers” in isolation then uploaded their “shows” to a wechat group named “Quarantine love”.”The original idea of the online gala was to be a sharing event.”Gongshu district health bureau staff Li Waner said, “New Year’s Eve is a rare fate, in isolation point also want to have a good New Year.””When I love you, you are radiant and I am beautiful.”A young man’s emotional recitation of Yu Xiuhua’s “When I Love You” has struck a chord.A thank you poem called miss, hand-drawn “family happiness” and sincere letters of thanks poured into the group.In this temporary “Spring Festival Gala venue”, everyone seemed to be reunited with old friends after long separation, sharing joy and blessings.”It’s touching to see how supportive people are of our work.””This New Year’s Eve was warm,” Ms. Li said.Unconsciously, we draw close to a topic: New Year’s Eve dinner.Pompanis is “nian Nian Yu”, yuan Bao braised pork is “rich”, red apple is “ping an an”, and abalone, dumplings, small cakes, full of New Year flavor.Many people “show” to the moments, leading to countless likes.At the same time, each quarantined person received a handwritten New Year’s card from a member of the working group.A few words of blessing, a few cartoons, are boxing heart.”I didn’t expect quarantine to be so humane, thank you so much!””Thanks to your help, I was able to be reunited with my daughter on New Year’s Eve,” Yang said.With the help of the working group members, she went through the approval process and finally “checked in” on New Year’s Eve to spend the New Year with her daughter.”We are doing our best to provide services and do our best to meet everyone’s needs.”Quarantine point general director Wu Xin said.In addition, each “occupant” received gongshu district federation of trade unions to send a New Year’s gift package;Each working group member also received the thanks and sympathy from hangzhou Municipal Government.”This New Year’s Eve is a rare experience.”Qiu Xiaoyun, head of the medical team at the quarantine point, said, “Happy Chinese New Year is our best New Year wishes.”