LPL Spring competition Shy brother send forehand and backhand teaching WBG50 minutes end BO3 easy UP

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#2022LPL Spring Game # On February 18, 2022, THE LPL Spring game pitted 6-1 WBG against 2-5 UP.In the first game of BP, UP grabbed the plane in one hand, then got the combination of Jinks and Tetan down, and then got the wild Foyego in both hands, and loaded the single wine barrel.WBG is a combination to get the hammer stone of Epheus, select the small method in the middle, fight the wild to get the team that has been burning recently, and finally get the gun of the single male in the last hand for Brother Shy.Entering the competition, UP took the lead to take down xiaolong by hand with the advantage of the middle and lower routes in the early stage.The first blood broke out at 7:30, WBG started 3 pack 2, although the hammer stone first brush 2 people, and the lantern picked UP centaur, but the key hook was empty, centaur big move did not release, directly let UP duo under the tower to complete 1 for 2.With this wave of small wins, UP also radiates to the top half and gets the canyon vanguard. After that, Sofm sends the program effect in the middle road, and the team predicts that the big move is big.Then under way also forced out urban Fiji ryukyu and flash, and the dog with a valley pioneer help jinx harvest way a blood under the tower, look UP early a good rhythm, but the only worry is the road Shy brother press the casks scalp suddenly and violently dozen, not only greatly pressure knife, return to eat the skin, the subsequent operation processing WBG and restore the situation, urban Fiji ryukyu, road under single push a tower,Jinks, who was on the road, did nothing to face Brother Shy’s gun.Twelve minutes later, Jinx and Titan decided to cross the tower and attack Brother Shy, but Brother Shy managed to escape easily by pulling and pulling. After the support of the duo, Epheus took Jinx and Titan together and pushed them off the tower.Since then, the neutral resources have been exchanged, with UP controlling xiaolong and WBG controlling the vanguard.On 18 min, WBG and the Canyon leader advanced up the middle, and The leader of the WBG grabbed the Titan’s head with his hand. Then the barrel came in and it opened well, but Brother Shy fired all the shots in seconds to lose Foyego and the barrel was left behind. WBG won the group battle 0 for 3 and took the dragon.At 19 minutes and a half, UP gathered 4 people and prepared to attack Shy, but Shy directly hit the wine barrel and pulled out the blood. WBG team came to harvest the situation. After getting 0 for 2, UP pushed down the 2nd tower of the lower road.In the process of being pushed down by his teammates, Brother Shy went home to TP and unplugged the UP highland. The game was completely lost so far. WBG then got the Dragon and leveled the UP Highland with a wave in 25 minutes.According to the post-match data, Brother Shy’s male gun delivered the highest damage in the whole game, which can be said to be a one-man UP, which is also a rare match in the current version where a single team led the team to win.The MVP is no surprise, as Brother Shy accounted for 40% of male gun damage and single-handedly crushed UP.In the second game of BP, UP grabbed the hammer stone in one hand, then got centaur to play wild, AD Jinks, then got the middle single plane in both hands, and got the single crocodile.WBG picked up epheus Titan’s downhand combination, played wild bobby in the middle, and finally picked up a barrel for Brother Shy. Does that mean he’s going to start backhand teaching?In the competition, the forehand and backhand teaching came so quickly that Brother Shy beat the crocodile first and attracted the centaur Gank. Then, under the attack of two men, Shy took the crocodile’s head and walked back to the tower.6 minutes, WBG attack down the road, Titan first hand with The loss of Epheus to kill hammer stone, then completed a textbook 3 pack 2 under the tower, Bobby pi-dong with teammates to kill Jinks first, then to the horse, the bottom half of the three fight three WBG tower completed 0 for 3!In 9 minutes, Brother Shy suppressed daily and blasted back the crocodile under the tower, but after the crocodile opened up, he was very powerful, and brother Shy was killed alone.Open under way at the same time, urban Fiji ryukyu, Titan hammer head of golem once again, the situation is still the WBG great, control the pioneer valley next road directly after the release, and help urban Fiji ryukyu and eat a tower of blood, and subsequent urban Fiji ryukyu, remote pendant Ming big move left a jinx, decisive blink Titan with big hook, winning gold, head, eritrea Fiji ryukyu again eat 2 tower road, no fat.On the road, UP could not stand Brother Shy any more and killed the barrel by force, but was also replaced. WBG got 5K economic lead in 14 minutes.At 15 and a half minutes, WBG Uano started the traditional art, and the show was in full swing, both of them sending heads, but Epheus was on the road pushing the tower like crazy, far ahead of his growth.18 minutes, WBG led the canyon vanguard to advance in the middle, worked with their teammates to export the hammer stone, continued to attack and then took UP the upfield head, the strategic point immediately came out, because WBG did not like the control dragon style, the economy opened until 8K to start the strategic point mechanism.In 20 minutes, The dragon just refreshed, WBG easily accepted the dragon, and the front group battle was also very effective. Brother Shy surrounded the five UP people, grabbed Jinks and played a set and then retreated safely. Angel also played the R flash, and finally only got 0 for 1, then chose to open.In 23 minutes, WBG advanced with a Dragon BUFF and took UP3 highland. Titan’s first move failed to achieve results instead they donated it first. UP was able to defend WBG’s attack, but the economic gap had been opened UP to 1W.25 minutes, WBG came back and ended the game with a run.After the race, Shy took the barrel to deliver the highest damage of the game.MVP is given to the development of huanfeng to win super god data in advance.