Gao Peng said medicinal materials: Gansu part of the real estate medicinal materials price on January 27, 2022

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1. Pinellia price in Xihe County, Gansu Province: The price of unified goods at the end of the year is around 67 to 70, with sufficient supply and stable price.But the general quality of the goods, high quality pinellia market inventory is not much, the selection of goods and the price difference between the goods.2. Gansu Province Qingyang Ningxian Yinchen price: there is a small amount of supply, the price has been stable recently, the supply is still ok, the current origin package content of high quality goods trading price at about 13.5 yuan.3. Gansu Province Qingyang Ning County burdock price: has been the focus of business, but with the close of the year, the real trading volume is not big, the market is still stable, the current origin price at about 21 yuan.The price of suzi in Ningxian County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province: There is a quantity of supply, and the price is stable recently. At present, the purchase price of raw goods in the producing area is about 30 yuan, and the delivery price is about 32 yuan.5. Gansu Province Qingyang Ning County bitter almond price: the price rose in the previous stage, recently the market is temporarily stable, the supply of goods has slowed down, the current origin price is 33-34 yuan, then the city is still concerned about.6. Gansu Province Qingyang Ning County peach kernel price: after the price rises to stability, and with the Spring Festival approaching, the supply recently moved slowly, the current origin of peach kernel price in 42-44 yuan.7. The price of Salvia miltiorrhiza in Ningxian County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province: Due to the rising price of other producing areas, the purchase and sale of goods are good, and the market is higher than the previous period. The local salvia miltiorrhiza has risen from 9.5-10 yuan to the current 13-14 yuan.Note: unless otherwise specified, all prices are in kilograms.