Focus of Beijing Winter Olympics!A life ban could be imposed on a teenage girl in a doping scandal

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The “K Bao” Valieva doping scandal, still continuing to burn, events have been three times reversed.On February 12, Beijing time, The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) announced that it had opened an investigation into valieva’s entourage.Of course, The Russian anti-doping agency had no choice but to do so because under WADA rules, Valieva’s team automatically had to be investigated because she was under 16 and under special protection.The investigation includes Valieva’s coach, team doctor and other members of her support team.Considering that most underage athletes under the age of 16 take banned substances, not intentionally, but under pressure, under the cover, or by mistake, wADA has made it clear that the most severe punishment for a member of its team is a lifetime ban from competition!During the Beijing Winter Olympics, regarding valieva positive doping incident, has made the uproar, if the World Anti-Doping Agency announced that its team members were banned for life, will undoubtedly be a bombshell.A quick review of Valieva’s “inversion” sample.After the National championships on December 25, The Russian Anti-doping Agency sent valieva’s sample to its Office in Stockholm, Sweden, for routine testing.On Feb. 7, Valieva won the team figure skating title at the Beijing Winter Olympics with a perfect performance to score the full amount of individual points for Russia.Just a day later, valieva’s doping test report found trimetazidine, an undisputed banned heart medication, in her sample.Because valieva’s violation took place during the Russian national championships and the samples were sent by The Russian Anti-doping agency, the IOC and WADA had no right to make any decisions but to see what Russia did with them.The Russian Anti-doping agency imposed a provisional ban on Valieva, while the latest athlete to be tested for trimetazine was French wrestler Zelimhan Hajaf, who was banned for four years.The Russian anti-doping Agency announced on February 9 that it had lifted the provisional suspension of Valieva, who was expected to miss the women’s singles competition starting on February 15.Valieva returned to training and actively prepared for the next match.But the International Olympic Committee, the International Skating Federation and the World Anti-doping Agency three groups have sent force, have appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, asking the Russian anti-doping agency to reinstate the suspension of Valieva.Beijing time on February 14, the Court of Arbitration for Sport will hold a hearing, considering valieva positive doping case.The Court of Arbitration for Sport is expected to announce its final decision a day later, before the women’s singles match.What was the fate of Valieva?Will he continue to win his second gold medal, or will he be provisionally banned again and say goodbye to the Beijing Winter Olympics?