“Fast solution blockchain” 2022.02.19 coin circle internal reference

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Overnight the us stock market continued to fell, led the encryption currencies continue to weak, in such a cold winter, the fed suddenly want to understand something, it is a good news for us, the federal reserve officials said, good regulation on encryption currency and a stable currency, will better protect consumers, at the same time, with a stable currency rising,A central bank digital currency will be unveiled to ensure 1:1 anchoring of the stablecoin and better dominance of the US dollar.This thing, we can understand so, regulated the stability of the currency and statutory $Numbers appear sooner or later, once the barriers to get through, means that a stable currency is dollars, this seamless exchange way, will greatly enhance safety coefficient of encryption market confidence, will cause a huge amount of money, so don’t look at the market now nearly deserted, the future of these regulation after landing,But there is no chance to get on the bus, so now do a pickpocket dog, first stay on the bus, the future is bright.Wyoming lawmakers proposed bill that would allow the state issued the stability of the currency pegged to the dollar, this matter before Miami has been innovation, and achieved good earnings, future state estimation will have their own stable currency, but the legal $number once appear, these states tokens also nobody use, so logic or rob a dividend, not in the long run.Federal Reserve statement: It will ban policy makers and senior officials from investing in or owning cryptocurrencies.Supervision has been started, starting from their own, to set an example of supervision, followed by a series of regulatory policies, should not be far away.The US state of Georgia is considering providing tax incentives for bitcoin miners, and many energy-rich states are open to mining. After all, mining can greatly improve the regional economy, so bitcoin is a difficult thing to regulate globally.Us Senator Lummis has suggested that the Federal Reserve buy bitcoin and keep it as part of its balance sheet.It’s a bold proposal, but one that the Fed is unlikely to adopt anytime soon.Avenue Securities, a U.S. brokerage firm, will start offering crypto trading next month, with a survey showing that 15 percent of its 500,000 clients will quickly start crypto trading.Looks like march will have the traditional army entrance, worth looking forward to.Panic 25, back to extreme panic.Bitcoin news: The United States finally closed for the weekend, should be able to calm down tonight, short-term 39,000, 38,000 are strong support, it is expected that the weekend will not be too big fluctuations, the overall shock is mainly, the beginning of 3 bitcoin is still worth participating in.ETH: On-chain data shows that as Ethereum falls, the number of tokens transferred to the exchange continues to increase, with the majority being short-term chips less than 20 days. In other words, short-term investors have begun to surrender their stop-loss, which means that the specific stage bottom is not far away.DOGE: Musk said that Tesla’s largest V3 supercharger will accept dogecoin payments. This news is useless. It’s just a charging station.SHIB: Doggy DAO was officially introduced. SHIB will have some governance function, which is a short-term positive.Fertility maintenance is ok, there is logic to continue to rebound.API3: follow xiaobian 4 more into the user, has been completed in a short period of time doubled, now can put the principal out, profit 5 days line warfare method fly.ADA: The number of newly added addresses every day is 112,500. Personally, I think this figure is exaggerated, and it may be created by robots. Because there is no linkage between the currency price and newly added addresses, there may be a rebound opportunity after the new low.The market is wearing you down. Lie flat.