Cologne attack very characteristic, Hoffenheim state serious, Bayern this season record team history of the third

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German Bundesliga: Cologne VS Freiburg Match time: 2022-02-05 22:30 Analysis: the last ten matches record: (Freiburg won 6, 1 draw and 3 losses dominate) cologne recent situation:Cologne team this season is a typical defensive attack strong weak type, coach baum, tactics and style of the attack is higher than all, the koln frontcourt maud, mark – Ukraine and duda three strikers are notoriously good physical strength, cologne flagship 442 or 4132 squad, the front two strikers at running, attack immediately even when in place,Cologne’s tactics are physically demanding for the forwards.Although the overall strength of the Cologne team is not strong, but the implementation of this tactical system is very in place, they can often play far more than their own strength in the game fighting capacity.: is it going with the visitors freiburg team freiburg team in state at the beginning of the start of the season is very good, their grades at one time in the bundesliga table, but starting from November freiburg state began to fell, the whole they won only one game in November, December and January although condition recovered, but the overall is not ideal.Now the ranking of The Freiburg team has slipped to the Bundesliga table 6th, the team is now in general condition, do not know after a period of rest, the team can get back on track, the game away in the face of attacking cologne, Freiburg want to win there is certain difficulty.This game: good two teams draw.German Bundesliga: Mainz VS Hoffenheim Match Time: 2022-02-05 22:30 Match analysis: Last 10 matches: 4 wins each, 2 drawsMainz team in the bundesliga intermittent period held a friendly with Frankfurt, ultimately the team 1-0 defeat, mainz team in the bundesliga is a veteran team, they have many years experience in the bundesliga, but over the years the mainz team record in the bundesliga was not so ideal, their ranks have been around in the bundesliga midstream.Mainz’s bundesliga campaign has not been a big surprise this season, with only three wins in December and January and the team’s recent form not particularly impressive.The visiting team Hoffenheim’s recent situation: this season’s hoffenheim’s state is very serious, they often appear in the league stage of successive wins and defeats, and the team’s results completely depends on the team’s state.Before the bundesliga break came to an end, Hoffenheim were in relatively poor form, losing 3-2 at home to Borussia Dortmund in the 20th round of the bundesliga, making it three consecutive defeats in all competitions and dropping back to seventh in the table.With the winter window closed and hoffenheim making no signings during the transfer window, it will be up to them to adjust once the Bundesliga resumes.On the pitch: Favor Hoffenheim.German Bundesliga: Bayern Munich VS Leipzig Match Time: 2022-02-06 01:30 Match history: bayern Munich won 6, drew 4 and lost 1Before the start of the season everyone said bayern had the weakest of the season, is perhaps the best opportunity to the bundesliga which the tyrannical and break the rule, but in fact this season bayern played very well, they can record in the top 20 round lined into the history of the third, nagel ‘for the bayern coach was very successful.Bayern have also scored in the last 67 bundesliga games in a row, which means they have not stopped scoring goals home and away for two seasons.The visiting team LeipzigTeam this summer window in leipzig, a large number of players leave, including coach by bayern away, after half a season of leipzig, adapt to finally find a bit in the past, although the winter window team didn’t have any signings, but in 2022, the play that bayern are very good, they made a total of four games in January, the team won four straight,It is the only bundesliga team with a 100 per cent record in 2022.This time: bayern win.For more content, check out the legends of football