What makes the orange cat so fierce?The impression of the orange cat is very good, let’s have a look

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What makes the orange cat so fierce?Generally speaking, orange cats are not particularly fierce, especially when they are young, their voice is like a milk voice, and they will not be fierce to their owners, but this is not completely.Some kittens are more fierce than others. What is that about?Orange cat, in and of itself, is quite docile and clingy, if it took a very dangerous state, it is often because it was not used to a new environment, so they will react to the environment has a terrible, and the host is not very familiar with, in this case, if the host cat close to orange, orange cat will be particularly vigilant, even scratch and bite,So this is normal, so in order to avoid being hurt by the owner, the Lakers still need to gradually change their habits, as long as the owner patiently take care of the orange cat and build a good relationship.If the host wants to stop the orange cat yawning just for him, and particularly fierce way, so owners should spend more time with orange cat to play, by the temptation of food, for example, give it some orange cat like to eat snacks, so orange cat would like with the master, and then play with them some of them like to play with toys,In this way, they can establish a good relationship, gradually familiar hands can be gently stroked its hair, so that after a period of time, the orange cat will become very familiar with the owner, of course, no longer aggressive towards people.All in all, when the owner just came back to the orange cat, he behaved very violently. This is the expression of the orange cat’s fear, which is understandable. The owner just needs to be patient with the orange cat, and slowly make the cat accept him.At first, the cats who were more aggressive about their kindness were the adopted strays.Because stray cats have been wandering outside for a long time, their trust to people is gradually reduced, and their personality is more sensitive, so they need more patient education from parents to provide a happy and warm environment for cats.Common cat average age, cat longevity secret, newbie cat orange cat: 15~22 years old personality relatives, because love to eat easy fat is orange pig beauty short: 15~20 years old lively and active, agile, smart and gentle Siam: 12~20 years old loyal stick people, need to accompany, curiosity heavy Lion cat: 15~16 years old long hair easy to drop, good physical quality12 to 16 years old Likes to play, very smart Cat: 16 to 20 years old adaptable, strong and strong, not picky about food English Short: 13 to 15 years old cute and lovely big round face, not active easy to fat physique Persian Cat: 13 to 15 years old quiet and elegant, gentle and lovely Corset: 12 to 15 years old loyal and clingy, big with long hair, a little nervous Ginger:10~14 years old physique is weak, more delicate congenital achondroplasia, the onset of pain, do not recommend raising!Cat longevity, regular physical examination can discover the disease prevention and early treatment, over the age of two cats best do physical examination every year to help pay attention to the cat oral health brushing your teeth, more than 3 months can brush, ADAPTS the cat earlier desensitization, after 6 months or so right is often brush the insecticide in flooding on time in March/time, drive outside January/times, collocation:Big pet + heil, love + worship pet walker timely vaccination, school-age sterilization after 2 months of age to play three stitches has three cats, every two years to fill a needle, pioneer worm vaccine oh ~ suggest a year after sterilization shapely weight control is the best, not a pursuit of fat, obesity is the root cause of many diseases frequently carding can promote the blood circulation, help maintain a healthy hair and skin.Healthy diet choose a high-protein gluten-free cat food, more than half a year can be changed for food, follow the seven-day change of food method, my cat food is very good cat food, here to recommend to everyone, is domestic thick pat cat food, using imported chicken and imported beef as the main ingredient.Cats will not suffer from soft bowel movements if they eat this food for a long time. Moreover, with the addition of deep-sea fish oil, cats can obviously find less hair loss after eating this food.Highly recommended.Pay attention to water for a long time water shortage of cats will cause a variety of diseases, can be through the staple food pot or rehydrated freeze-dried and boiled chicken breast cheat water to play with cats to effectively prevent obesity, more exercise can have a strong body stay away from danger to close the home medicine cabinet, needle, scissors, bottles, cans, etc