Supreme Procuratorate: severely punish on the Internet to denigrate the reputation of others, pry the spread of privacy

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“Some criminals willfully slander others’ reputation and honor, spy on and spread others’ privacy, and cause bad influence or serious consequences out of a variety of despicable motives, such as seeking attention or seeking profit, should be punished in accordance with the law.”The Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a press conference on February 21, the first to “criminal protection of personality rights in the network era” as the theme issued the 34th batch of guidance cases, the social attention of a qiu infringe on the reputation of heroes and martyrs, honor case, “Hangzhou woman take express was defamation case” and other 5 cases were selected.According to the report, the crime cycle of infringement of personal rights in the network environment has obvious stages, such cases are often accompanied by hot cases, such as infringement of the reputation of heroes and martyrs in the defense of the country and border areas, honor series cases.At the same time, on the Internet to insult others, slander, infringement of citizens’ personal information, spread fast, spread in a wide range of serious harm, the consequences are not controllable.In the case of no. 136, qiu violated the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs, his disparaging remarks were clicked and read more than 130,000 times in just five hours, causing a bad social impact.In the case of No. 137 Libel case of Lang and He, the weibo topic “the woman who was cheated by rumors can’t find a job so far” has been read 470 million times and discussed 58,000 times.Highest inspection relevant controller introduces, leading to widespread concern of personality right infringement crimes, giving full play to the advantages of procuratorial integration, highest supervisory, tracking, guidance in time, according to the characteristics of different cases in accordance with the flexible use grasp policy and law, strict quality standard, the case has chosen to guide the spicy pen “small ball” violations of the heroic martyrs fame and honor in series,More than 30 criminal cases of infringement of personal rights, including “Libel case of Hangzhou woman taking express delivery”.According to statistics, since 2019, procuratorial organs across the country have approved the arrest of 168 suspects for the crime of insult and libel, 12,410 suspects for the crime of infringing on citizens’ personal information, and 12 suspects for the crime of infringing on the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs.A total of 213 defendants were prosecuted for the crime of insult and libel, 21,923 defendants for the crime of infringing on citizens’ personal information, and 15 defendants for the crime of infringing on the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs.In the next step, considering the high cost of safeguarding rights of victims of online defamation crimes, especially the difficulty of safeguarding rights by themselves, the SPC is facing the realistic dilemma of “difficult to obtain evidence, provide evidence and prove” through private prosecution relief. The SPC is working with the Supreme People’s Court and the Ministry of Public Security to draft relevant normative documents.It is proposed to further clarify the “serious harm to social order and national interests” and the connection of procedures between private prosecution and public prosecution, so as to better guide the handling of libel crime cases.The SPP also said that live streaming is also prone to disorder, with some being suspected of violating privacy rights, fraud, intellectual property rights infringement, and pornography for profit.In this regard, the SPP will select and publish typical cases to standardize and guide live-streaming activities.Source: People’s Daily app