Blessed see sac Mountain!Here is the “tiger”, blessed

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Cishou Temple, also known as Cangshan Temple, is located in Cangshan Village, Jiangkou Town, Hanjiang District, Putian City. It is a famous ancient temple in Fujian Province and has a certain influence on the Buddhist circle in Southeast Asia.It was founded in the third year of Tang Loyal Year (876 AD), and it was first named “Fuhu Temple” because the master Miaoying, who founded the mountain, had two trained tigers with him when he went out and he was called “Fuhu Loyal Master”.In the second year of Emperor Xi’s reign (886), The king of Min took refuge in master Miaoying. In order to wish his mother’s birthday, he extended the temple and asked the imperial court to grant the name “Cishou Zen Temple” on the board.The tiger River, which has been flowing for thousands of years, is still narrating the legend of Miaoying.Legend has it that miaoying patriarch crossed hudu Creek, so people call this stream “Tiger Creek”.According to legend, there is a stone beside the tiger Creek. Whenever the ancestor wanted to cross the river, the two tigers would stand by the stone and wait for the ancestor to ride up. The ancestor later wrote the word “tiger stone” on the stone with bamboo sticks.This stone is still preserved in the temple, “tiger stone” two words, vigorous and simple.The treasure of the town temple is also stored in the Sac Mountain temple, including the precious stone tiger of the Five Dynasties and Ten States, and the stone tiger of the early Song Dynasty, which is a witness to the flourishing tiger culture here.Hidden dragon crouching tiger sac mountain, is also blessed heaven and earth.From the Tang dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, the court has been using The Cangshan Temple as a post road stay station. In history, many literati stayed in the temple at night, singing songs and expressing their hearts.Zhu Xi, the famous neo-confucianist of the Southern Song Dynasty, once lived in the temple and wrote the poem “Sukangshan Temple” : “At dawn, I stayed in the fishing stream post, and at dusk, I stayed in The Cangshan Temple.Sea of clouds near boundless, Xi Shan embrace deep green.Take a break for a chat on the road.If you don’t learn from the pagoda fairy, your future will depend on what matter.”Ke Qian, the number one scholar in the Ming Dynasty, wrote in his poem “Visiting The Sac Mountain Temple” : “Get off the horse outside the Songguan pass and walk across the Tiger Creek.Zhongmingzhi temple close, cloud Ming Sleep day low.Broken stream flowing spring acerbity, pinggang ancient wood Qi.When Xie Chen Martingale, here bu Secluded habitat.”It expresses the poet’s deep love for The mountain.Thousands of years of ancient temples today still in the Capsule Mountain scenery different situation putian Overseas Chinese hometown times new media center release source: Hanjiang Times editor: Wu Qinqin editor: Zheng Yujun