American Film Major

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How to apply for a high quality American Film College program:Film major is a kind of artistic performance, space art and auditory system plastic arts, cinematography is the film as social development social phenomenon, plastic arts and mass media scientific and reasonable research.Its scope includes the whole process of film development trend, film aesthetic characteristics, film writing regularity, film works classification and social development and aesthetic effect.Development prospects: With the continuous expansion of The Chinese film sales market, the appreciation level is also improving.From the statistical data, in 2014, The total box office revenue of Chinese films gradually increased by 36.1% to 29.639 billion YUAN.This year, Korea surpassed Japan to become the second largest movie industry in the world after Britain.By 2017, China’s box office had reached 55.9 billion yuan, up 13 percent year on year.Chinese film sales market from the past to now, showing a rapid development, but also gradually more and more perfect.With the rise and fall of the market trend, more and more students gradually choose to study and train film major.Related positions: The employment scope of film major students is common, and the key is the following many industries: (1) Film and television production: film director, director, film producer, cameraman, post editing;(2) Game and entertainment management methods: publisher supervisor, public relations person in charge, artist agent;(3) Professional design: art direction, scene production staff, game props;(4) Creative Technology: director, script calibration;(5) Illustration major: shooting script, plastic arts definition illustration picture, scenery;(6) Data animation special effects: middle and late animation special effects, animation, video clips;(7) Digital media technology: subtitle effects, Blu-Ray DVD production, web media production, etc.Average salary: In the past two years, China’s film industry has been developing rapidly. The growing film industry requires a lot of excellent talents, which provides unprecedented employment opportunities for college graduates majoring in film, especially for graduate students of advanced intellectuals.Film majors make an average salary of $60,000 to $80,000 a year.In order to help students and their parents have a better understanding of the application process, He Jiong shows you how to prepare for the application process in advance with 2 simple questions and answers.Does film major modelling art go abroad to study abroad what to apply for condition to have?Answer (1) Hardware configuration requirements:Apply for British film professional should take an examination of the GRE and toefl, and regulation is very high, university degree, as a graduate student, the American film institute and the university of Florida, must be the student toefl100 points, ielts test scores of 7.0, and there is no American graduate college prep, we must immediately got the examination results.(2) Regulations on personal portfolio: Art colleges and universities generally must submit short videos, and the time is different from each college, and the maximum time should not exceed half an hour.In addition to short videos, comprehensive colleges must submit English scripts and scripts for the exam syllabus. For example, Columbia University, University of The United States, and University of Florida have requirements for content. This kind of personal portfolio is time-consuming, so students must prepare in advance.(3) Mobile phone software standards: Film and television production technology professional work experience is not essential, there is time some contacts of students, excellent probation environment can make the finishing touch, important or personal portfolio measurement.Some colleges will even relax their grades.There are also higher grades, but the work is not very good was rejected by the instance.2. Which is better, the film and television major of art colleges and the media university of comprehensive universities?Answer the difference that establishes a college to be able to divide it into two kinds: one kind is the film and television major of art kind college, one kind is the medium university of comprehensive university.Art colleges provide technical majors and practical film and television production culture education, such as:American Film Institute, Art Center College of Design, New York Film Academy, Rochester Institute of Technology, etc.Such colleges focus on talent shaping, and there is immediate contact with film and television production, and a strong atmosphere of plastic arts.Directing: Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Producing, Production Design. Directing: Directing, CinematographyScreenwriting, Animation, Acting and so on.Comprehensive colleges and universities attach great importance to all-round shaping, can cross disciplines optional courses, there is a good scientific research atmosphere.NYU, Columbia, USC, UCLA, Northwestern, U of Texas at Austin.It can be seen that these colleges and universities are all comprehensive universities with strong overall strength and have many resources other than film and television production, which are very beneficial for shaping students’ all-round progress.In addition, they rarely offer extracurricular education as delicate and applicable as art colleges. Instead, most of them give cultural education focusing on basic theories, such as Film History, Film Studies, Production and Writing Film creation.Naturally, some Film schools in comprehensive universities also offer similar technical majors such as Photography and New Media, such as NYU and Syracuse University.