The third stay hang’s Spring Festival, come in front chatter, New Year’s Eve dinner is good

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Mother-in-law in the New Year’s Eve specially bought sesame candy, the north of the New Year to eat sesame candy, the next year to sweet life.That day, the wax gourd students decisively choose to ignore the home “eat candy but a” rule, cough bang cough bang even bite two root, conveniently plug a root: mom, grandma said, New Year to eat sugar, sweet!MMM, sweet!Well, it’s Chinese New Year!This is the third Spring Festival that responds to the government’s call to stay in Hangzhou for the New Year. We have a mother-in-law from the north and a daughter-in-law from the South, plus a picky little foodie from the North and the South. Have you prepared the dinner for the New Year’s Eve?In the past few years of the epidemic, the sense of ceremony in adulthood has become less and less, and it has regained some of the lively taste of childhood.Specifically before going to bed to ask wax gourd, Chinese New Year what are you looking forward to the most, he said: Mom can accompany me to sleep in!Middle-aged working old mother instant softhearted to a complete mess, but also love dearly.When deciding to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the biggest expectation with my husband is that I can lie down without any reason.But since the human pups have entered the exploratory period, the consequences of not having a sense of ritual on the hour may be more testing to the family’s energy and bottom line, and the private thought that the New Year’s Eve ceremony must rumble.I’m so glad we have an almighty mother.Make a red tang suit, steamed a pot of steamed buns, knead a plate of colorful dumplings, make a big cake for my father’s birthday before the year, learn to make Hangzhou sauce meat from my neighbor aunt, dig the earth and plant the red longevity flowers… My family gradually has a hot atmosphere.Recently I always think of the appearance of Chinese New Year when I was a child.After 80 memory of the New Year, there is always a point of faith and obsession, see boring Spring Festival Gala, wear long-awaited new clothes, burn a incense gang point firecracker plug rat hole, and then hide a few pieces of lucky money…… don’t ask me why to hide, mothers all understand.Year after year, New Year after year, but I never get bored.In the memory of the New Year is always noisy firecrackers, crazy run, there are always red envelopes to bring small joy.I still have a lot of worries about the New Year when I can’t go back to my hometown, but I am also glad that my family will lie down together.In December, the community experienced the epidemic lockdown for the first time and chose to go home after spending a night in a hotel.When the epidemic lockdown encountered a cold and pneumonia, everywhere to buy medicine to send medicine, night after night care of children with cough.During the half month of isolation at home, the old mother was so anxious that she could have a chat with her later.In the past two days, the first snow fell in Hangzhou during the new round of epidemic. It was very cold, but the snow scenery of West Lake in circle of friends was breathtaking.Donggua students miss the snow scene, snowball fights, vowed to build a snowman taller than his big belly.Simple southern born bud alas, may your wish come true this year… what about you?Did you go home?You reunited with the people you miss the most?Did travelers get where they wanted to go?Finally, stand by the beautiful Baymax in the rain and snow, thank you!Come on, Hangzhou!Looking forward to a warm spring!