Rose bloom, women’s Asian Cup final, China women’s football vs Korea women’s football

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The women’s Asian Cup final will kick off at 19:00 on February 6.It remains to be seen whether China or South Korea will win the championship.The Chinese women’s football semifinal eliminated the Japanese women’s football match, can be described as a heart-stopping.Twice down, twice even;It went to penalties.Goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved twice in a penalty shootout as China defeated Japan 4-3 6-5 on aggregate to advance to the Final of the Asian Cup against South Korea.For Chinese women, the final was much easier than the semifinals.In the semifinals, it is not a matter of life and death to meet the top Asian team Japan women’s football team. Besides, Japan women’s football team is the biggest suffering of China women’s football team. The previous two Asian Cups were eliminated by the opponent in the semifinals, and the opponent is the champion of two consecutive Asian Cups.There was a lot of luck in the elimination of The Japanese women’s team.Of course, it is also the girls’ spirit of never giving up and fighting indomitably.The final is much better than the semi-final.The Chinese women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team occupy an overwhelming advantage in the historical confrontation.China has played South Korea 43 times in the a-level tournament, winning 30, drawing 6 and losing 7, scoring 105 goals and conceding only 29.In the last six meetings, he has won four, drawn one and lost one.In contrast to the semi-final, this time we were at the mercy of our opponents.Home star Wang Shuang because of injury, did not appear in the semi-final, the entire bench.Fortunately, there are still a few days before the final, Wang Shuang is expected to return to help China women’s football team impact the Asian Cup title.Sixteen years have passed since 2006, when the women’s soccer team won the Asian Cup.The women’s soccer girls won’t keep Chinese fans waiting too long.Chinese women’s football VS South Korea women’s football tie win 1.90 this game finally arranged live broadcast CCTV5.