Protesters block U.S. -Canada ‘Main Artery’ Biden Presses Trudeau for quick fix

2022-05-09 0 By

China News on February 12Anti-vaccine protests by Truck drivers in Canada have blocked a major transportation corridor along the U.S. -Canada border, raising concerns in the United States.U.S. President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who promised swift action.But protesters continued to demonstrate on the bridge in defiance of an Ontario court injunction to end the blockade.According to reports, the massive protest by Canadian truck drivers not only paralyzed traffic in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, but also caused the Ambassador Bridge, which is a vital route for transportation between Ontario and Michigan, the United States, for at least four days.The collapse of the trade route between the United States and Canada has caused great concern in the Neighboring United States and put The Trudeau government under great pressure.US President Joe Biden spoke with Trudeau on The phone on Sunday to express his concern over the severe impact of the disruption of transportation lines on US companies and workers, specifically mentioning the disruptive impact of the protests on the supply chain.White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said many U.S. automakers have been forced to adjust their operations or shut down because parts can’t get into the U.S. from Canada, severely affecting the lives of a large number of U.S. workers.Mr. Trudeau has promised the United States that Canada will take swift enforcement action to address the current disruption.”All options are on the table because this illegal activity has to end and it will end,” Trudeau said.The Biden administration has urged Canada to use federal powers to ease the ambassador Bridge blockade, but Trudeau’s government has not taken that step.Trudeau said on The 11th that his government has not seriously considered the option of calling in the military to deal with the protests.Ontario has declared a state of emergency in response to the bridge closure, which includes fines of up to c $100,000 for violators of the request to end the closure.An Ontario court had issued an injunction ordering protesters to leave the bridge by 7pm local time on Sunday, but more than two hours after the deadline, about 200 protesters remained near the bridge’s entrance, waving Canadian flags while others set off fireworks.Attention is focused on whether The Trudeau government will take the next federal step in response to the spread of protests.Canada risks contracting in the first quarter if the Ambassador Bridge and other key trade routes remain closed due to the protests, according to analysts.On January 15, the Canadian government announced a new regulation requiring truck drivers traveling between Canada and the United States to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination when entering Canada.Some Canadian and American truckers immediately protested, then formed a convoy to Ottawa “march”, the protest spread to the US-Canada border crossing.Source: