Melanin true anti blue light glasses officially entered J-Mall to cut anti blue light “experts” online

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In the era of E today, from study to life to work, people have been completely inseparable from electronic devices, whether it is the “student party”, “phubbing” or 996 “office workers”, 80% of the group are overdrawn using their eyes.So, top of the list is “blue light harm”!Blue light is known to cause photochemical damage to the retina, and this process is irreversible and can accumulate over time.Cause a lot of people are “talk about blue change”, fear of such as tiger.In fact, after learning about blue light, you will find that as long as you take appropriate protective measures, blue light is not terrible at all!The first thing you need to know about blue light is that it’s not a mystery at all.As we all know, natural light is made up of different colors such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue.And different colors of light have different wavelengths.Red-orange yellow-green wavelengths range from 500 nm to 700nm.Short-wave light with a wavelength of 380 to 500nm is blue.Physics tells us that the wavelength of light is inversely proportional to the energy of a photon.That is, the shorter the wavelength of light, the more powerful it is.So, blue photons are higher in energy — higher than red, orange, yellow, and green light.In our daily life, apart from natural light, blue light exists in a large number of computer monitors, mobile phones, tablets, electronic products, display screens, LED and other light. Blue light in this wavelength will increase the amount of toxin in the macular area of the eye, seriously threatening our eye health.The harm of blue light to human eyes is mainly manifested in the eye pathological harm caused by myopia, cataract and irreversible lesions and the harm of human rhythm such as insomnia.Even though blue light is harmful, you can avoid it by taking proper precautions. In addition to controlling the time spent on electronic devices, keeping a proper distance and sitting posture, you can also wear a pair of professional blue-blocking glasses to protect your eyes from blue light.Melanin true anti blue light glasses, reduce blue light “expert”, can effectively protect the retina from irreversible damage!In January 2022, it has officially entered J-Mall.Mall is a new e-commerce Mall platform integrating fashion, health and quality life in order to meet the pursuit of young people for “trend health”.Melanin true anti-blue light glasses are tailored for young people who want to have a pair of healthy and bright eyes but can’t put their mobile phones away from their computers.Melanin true anti blue light glasses, selective blocking of different light, full band protection is the best lens, effective absorption spectrum up to 200nm-2500nm.It has a combined blue light blocking rate of about 45% and a harmful blue light blocking rate of 98%.For the comprehensive barrier rate of anti blue light glasses, the current market is mostly in the range of 25%-50%, if the barrier rate is too low, the glasses with little meaning, the barrier rate is too high, will affect the transmittance and chromatic aberration of the lens.So melanin true anti-blue light glasses combined blue light blocking rate of 45% is more appropriate, plus the harmful blue light blocking up to 98%.It can be said that these glasses can effectively block blue light while maintaining low chromatic aberration and good light transmission.Effective protection for eyes, but also take into account the comfort of wearing.And, MELAGIC true anti-blue light glasses using MELAGIC technology composite lens, through the osmotic technology to make the lens with amber color, so as to achieve the role of short-wave blue light absorption, blue light reduction more professional effect is better, and can block 99.9% ultraviolet, indoor and outdoor are applicable.The production material is high-tech TR90 memory material, weighing only 13 grams, 37% lighter than ordinary lenses, light and radian, fit the head shape;The hardness of the lens is 10 times higher than the ordinary lens, with good light transmittance and clear vision.Skin-friendly silicone set leg, does not hurt the skin behind the ear, more breathable anti-allergy.Moreover, it has obtained the certification of both Chinese and American patent and various professional testing institutions.It’s important to have healthy eyes for work and life!Melanin really anti blue light glasses, take care of your eyes, let the world more “eye” color!Unlock the new fashion, healthy and quality life, and more fashionable and good things can be found in J-Mall!Source: