Kiss textbook, this movie is so sweet!Married 5 times, don’t forget I love you

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Miss Topcinema What is love?Maybe there’s a different answer for everyone.Therefore, there are all kinds of love movies to tell about it, love is sweet and bitter, laugh and tear, love is desperate, love is to sacrifice oneself, even if become a “fool”.In the recently released romantic film “Don’t Forget I Love you”, starring Naza and Liu Yihao staged a love story, let people see another kind of love, with a movie confession — don’t forget I love you.Xing Yue (Na Za ornaments) fell in love with a special person, her boyfriend Lu Yao (Liu Yihao ornaments) wake up every day will forget everything that happened yesterday.Yesterday’s intimate lover suddenly becomes a stranger, again and again, is unbearable pain and suffering, or life is just as lucky as the first?Is it true that the intuition of love cannot be hidden or forgotten?See this movie, mainly is to see the beauty of na Za, and she and Liu Hao deduce the beauty + handsome boy’s high sweet love story.It must be said that naza’s beauty in the film was magnified again, this time she played the heroine Xing Yue is a fresh and temperament free from vulgarity of the medical doctor, the ball head in the film really suits her, both cute and cute, even the actor Liu Yihao could not help but in an interview kua Naza himself is a big beauty, “too beautiful”.Naza is not only beautiful, but also believes in love, so she plays the spoonful, “stupid” heroine is perfect, she said in an interview, “actually I am a little girl at heart”, “always feel like a little girl.”Naza’s beauty, coupled with xing Yue’s dedication to love and “stupidity”, become the biggest romance and touching story.Because as a musician actor Lu Yao, is a “near in the side but far in the horizon of lovers” – wake up the next day, he will forget things yesterday, but because of love again and again to keep in place, accompany him to know yourself.Naza and Liu Yihao in the film as a pair of “two-way” lovers, two people CP sense is full, temperament is also very match, let many audiences have a feeling “too good knock, CP feeling full”.So sweet, of course, can not leave the tacit understanding between the actors.It is worth mentioning that this is the third cooperation between Naza and Liu Yihao. When it comes to the feeling of cooperation again, Naza said that “Yihao is a tacit partner, and I feel comfortable shooting with him.” Liu Yihao stressed that “we have a strong tacit understanding and a sense of trust.”In order to play the actor forget, he said, “BEFORE shooting, I did a lot of homework and learned that there is a real case of Lu Yao.”Previously released tirades show that the pair often have some impromptu interactions during the filming of the film, which is full of romance and sparks that director Huang Zhenzhen couldn’t help but praise as “real and cute”.The kiss in the movie, very sweet.Naza said she also felt very sweet when watching the episode, while Liu Yihao revealed that they shot a lot of kissing scenes that were not written in the script, because “the atmosphere is up, and the director asked us to improvise”.The crying scene in the film, is very poke heart.”I still feel like crying when I see that,” naza said of the tearjerker scene.Liu Yihao is also very good at playing crying, he revealed that the director of his cry, is to put the recording of Naza to listen to him, the results “soon tears stop falling”.Those who like watching sweet dramas will definitely enjoy the scenes and atmosphere created in the film, which is very romantic, artistic and sweet. Moreover, there is a very special point in the film, which is very interesting: the two people held five weddings.”Because Lu Yao doesn’t remember we got married, SO I’m going to get married until he remembers me.”Film, men and women protagonist love each other, get married, just to remember each other, keep sweet.When many couples saw the wedding tapes, they were envious and said, “The happiest love is when every day is like the first time we meet, and every day is as sweet as the first love.”There are also audiences who are stabbed by the seemingly awkward but extremely hot appearance between the two people, indicating that they understand from Lu Yao that feeling is more important than memory, and the present is more important than the past.So again, what is love?In “Don’t Forget I Love You”, you will find that love is actually very daily, little by little details, is composed of every ordinary moment.In the movie, Xing yue and Lu Yao kiss for the first time, take a photo for the first time, watch the sunrise together, and look at each other throbbing.It’s every memorable moment that the average couple experiences.Love is not about what you have done, but about all the memories you have with him or her. Every bit of love you have with him or her is what makes you unwilling to forget.In addition to being sweet, this love movie is also a love lesson.You can see the appearance of love a lot, but also see the test of love will go through.In the movie, Lu Yao wakes up every day forgetting everything that happened yesterday, including Xing Yue, but the two lovers face every difficulty with their unwavering love, which is touching.”In the side” “do not separate” “appearance keep”, is the star yue and Lu Yao in a wedding promise, but also the most sincere expectations of love.If forgetting to wake up every day is the most basic test, for Xing Yue and Lu Yao, it has become a “daily cycle of love”, but the real test for them is more desperate to pay.So, the ending of the film, quite a surprise.The front is as sweet as the back.However, in this “Don’t Forget I Love you”, it is inevitable to envy people who always have love in their hearts and believe in love.Which brings us back to the question at the beginning of this article: What is love?”You may not believe that love will last forever, but always believe in love,” Naza said of her insistence on love.A good movie, a good play, a good actor, life is like a movie, welcome to click on “The Number one cinema”