A school in Beijing temporarily shut down offline training activities for culture and art classes

2022-05-09 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, March 14 (reporter Zhang Manzi)On the morning of 14 March, a novel Coronavirus positive nucleic acid test was found in Dongcheng District, Beijing.In order to protect the safety of citizens and prevent the spread of the epidemic, the east campus of Heping Li No. 4 Primary School and the central District of Minwang have taken temporary containment measures and set up on-site headquarters to deal with the epidemic and ensure the livelihood of residents, according to the judgment of disease control experts in Beijing and the district.Relevant departments of Dongcheng District in Beijing said that the next step will be timely notified according to the latest situation of flow adjustment.According to the Beijing tour bureau 14 issued notice, in view of the current domestic chain up source input, parallel, distributed more outbreaks, Beijing also appeared the other associated local outbreaks, according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control in the capital, from now on, in Beijing to suspend cultural arts institutions outside offline training activities, and the recovery time prior notice.