The former Real Madrid captain’s new love interest has been revealed

2022-05-08 0 By

As a former Real Madrid captain, casillas’ life after retirement is still closely watched by fans.Less than a year after his divorce from an attractive journalist, Roberto Caponello, in March last year, Casillas has found love.Spanish magazine Lecturas revealed that designer Rosio Orsorno, 34, has been dating Casillas for several months.Casillas, 40, and Caponello had a romantic relationship, but they split up after 12 years of dating.Whatever the real reason, life goes on.Less than a year after the divorce, Casillas is back in love!Spanish magazine Lecturas said the 34-year-old met on chance when he returned to Madrid to work, and rosio, 34, was frequently in the city on business. The pair had previously travelled to Paris for a holiday and were “excited” about their relationship.So what did Rosio do to capture the former Real Madrid captain?Rosio is an Instagram influencer with a keen fashion sense and a legion of admirers.Rosio regularly posts photos of himself in fashionable outfits and has more than a million followers on social media.At the age of 34 and with two children from a previous marriage, Rosio still retains her girly looks and figure, dressing in a variety of styles to make her look attractive.According to media accounts, Casillas and Rosio had been secretly dating for several months, but they chose to keep their relationship under wraps.But as the romance heats up, casillas may choose an official announcement at the right time. We’ll see.