He doesn’t understand the quality that makes Harden incapable of beating Curry

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Stephen Curry and James Harden were undoubtedly the two best players in the 2009 draft, but their respective careers and accomplishments have been vastly different over the past 13 years. Curry has been one of the greatest players in NBA history, while Harden is still the best.Bryant hit the nail on the head when he commented on Curry’s career in 2015 and Harden’s in 2019.Harden had more talent and physical ability than Curry, and was four picks higher than Curry in the draft. Harden won the starting line, but Curry came from behind and overtook him all the way.Thirteen years later, Harden has played for three teams and is still winless. Curry has led the Warriors to three championships and is the NBA’s all-time 3-point leader.What caused Harden to lose to Curry?In fact, Bryant has already told people the answer.”What I see in Steph is a calmness that a lot of players don’t understand, and I think a lot of fans have a hard time understanding what I’m talking about,” Bryant told ESPN’s Michael Wilburn in 2015.Most players don’t get it, but Curry does and he does have a deadly coolness.He doesn’t have ups and downs, he doesn’t dwell on what happened, he doesn’t worry about what’s going to happen next. He’s calm about it.””When you have a player who is skilled, who can handle the ball, shoot with both hands, and mix that skill with that calmness, that composure, that confidence, you’re going to be a serious problem for the opposition.When I watch Steph play, I see this amazing quality.Steph never panics, and even when he doesn’t make a shot, the time and effort he puts into practice gives him that unwavering confidence that he will continue to shoot without hesitation, a quality destined for greatness.””I don’t like the way harden plays in terms of winning a championship, he’s never going to win a championship, but at the same time, he’s got to save his team so he can play to win games, and that’s what Harden is doing.I think harden has the ball all by himself, and when Cp3 comes back, you should have more off the ball movement on the offensive end, and Harden can find open guys.Because, if you put somebody up in the arc or on the wing and you play a pick-and-roll, you’re going to be in front of the defense all the time, and the defense just has to focus on that, especially in the playoffs, it’s good to guard, it’s really good to guard.Of course, harden is a very unusual player, and opponents are going to try to limit him.”Kobe’s comments about Curry and Harden were accurate.Curry rarely complains about referees during the game and is cool with what happens on and off the court.Calmness, a necessary quality for greatness, is hard to see in Harden, who is more of a Buddha, anxious and agitated when referees don’t call.Curry, on the other hand, was as calm as a deep lake during the game.On a technical level, Curry’s game is much more varied. He can play pick-and-rolls, but he’s also willing to give up the ball to move off the ball.Harden almost always dribbles the ball for step-back threes or drives to draw fouls, or picks and rolls to feed his teammates.Which of these two plays is easier for the defense to target, Bryant has a professional answer.Curry is already one of the greatest players in NBA history, as Bryant said, and Harden joined the Nets and still didn’t win, because Bryant already knew.Unfortunately, Harden still can’t understand what Kobe said, so he can’t win a championship if he joins the Nets.#NBA regular season highlights #