Dushan County carried out vocational skills training for 317 rural young adults

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In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the National Vocational Education Conference and the Implementation Plan of the National Vocational Education Reform, the work of “dual upgrading of vocational skills” should be done well.The Central School of Mawan Town provided vocational skills and education promotion training to 317 young and middle-aged rural people aged 15-59 in the area under its jurisdiction.On February 16th, the opening ceremony of the double upgrading of academic qualifications and skills was held in Yanjiashan Resettlement Area of Mawan Town.Mawan town in charge of education leader Sheng Pingyan presided over the ceremony, county education bureau leaders, town government leaders, village branch two committee leaders, guiding group members, class teachers and science teachers, the participants attended the training.The training hires a group of responsible, professional and experienced teachers to serve as skill training lecturers.In the training, not only the trainers are required to explain the theory “thoroughly”, but also to teach the practice “alive”, so as to ensure that the trainees can understand, learn and use it. In line with the principle of simple, easy to learn and practical, through the teaching mode of on-site teaching, hand-holding teaching and interactive communication, the trainees are explained from theory to practice.Teacher Wei Renli teaches “knowledge and writing around”, starting from the students’ things around, introducing teaching content, so that students’ learning enthusiasm has greatly improved, teaching from simple to deep, and close to their life, so that students are very easy to learn.Then, Luo Fulai taught “The number and calculation around us”, using simple language, talking about the most useful knowledge, taking care of the students of different ages and different learning levels present, really starting from their needs, so that the content of the class has real things.In the end, Guo Shichun taught “technology and Ability around”, comprehensively interpreting the use of mobile phones and how to use them at ordinary times, giving students present a different training experience.Teachers humor teaching, so that students are more enthusiastic about learning.Mobile phone use & GT;”It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish.”Dushan county in recent years, vigorously developing vocational skills upgrading training work, strive to resolve vocational skills overall level is not high, the county urban and rural labor training pertinence, effectiveness is not strong practical problems, such as the increasing of the county of underemployed labor force between urban and rural areas of professional skills upgrading training, through targeted training, strive for to have labor ability can master the skills of the masses,We will strive to ensure stable employment and increase incomes, and do our utmost to bring rural vitalization to a new level.Source: Third Primary School Tang Hongling Editor: Wei Kaiping Review: Hu Xinglin supervisor: Hua Lei