All the recent happiness is due to this man!

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Have you watched the Winter Olympics recently?During the Winter Olympics, one person can “tu Bang” hot search is really hanyu Knot.Arrived in Beijing ↓ participate in practice ↓ Although there was a small accident in the game, but the performance is still very good!Say oneself was hated by ice, want day to do 10 good later, so lovely and modest pomelo is everybody’s mind treasure as expected ~ expect pomelo to be able to finish 4A!And this year’s Winter Olympics, in addition to Yuzuru Hanyu, there is another Japanese man has also become the focus of the hot search, I believe we all know who Po is talking about — Yidundun, Tsujioka Yoido.Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong first appeared in 2019, when the two mascots were cute but not yet popular.It wasn’t until a video from Tsujioka during this year’s Winter Olympics that the two mascots, especially Bing Dwen dwen, became famous.辻 okada YiTang representative NTV came to Beijing this year’s winter Olympics in the ス ッ キ リ “live wire, 辻 okada YiTang asked figure skating the latest intelligence on the same day, he has a face of mysteriously said” I have today the latest ice mound mound of intelligence “, conveniently away clothes, goodfellas, employee’s card so much ice mound mound yum The funniest part of the story is that Tsujioka lost his coat at the airport when he arrived in Beijing, and instead of buying a new coat, he bought some ice.It’s not easy to remember to buy a dress, but also ice pier pier T-shirt The video instantly went viral on Weibo, attracting people’s attention. Related topics were read hundreds of millions of times, and even featured on CCTV and People’s Daily.Also because of this video, Ice Dun dun and Tsujioka Yitang overnight popular, ice Dun dun became a new jin top flow, Tsujioka Yitang has become in China as well known ice dun dun largest pink head Because of his love for Bing Dwen Dwen, he has given himself a new name of “Yi Dwen Dwen”. It can be said that in addition to ice Dwen dwen, snow Rong Rong, the most famous name of this Winter Olympics can not be less Yi Dwen Dwen.(some passion introduced millet scene) said, our yidun dun at the beginning of the popular, there are a lot of Japanese entertainment circle fans recognized him.Born in 1986, Yoshido Tsujioka, a news anchor for Nippon TV, had a tough childhood. From junior high, he attended keio University’s high school, and then moved on to Keio University.In his freshman year, Tsujioka participated in the beauty contest of his hometown Fujizawa City and became the “Prince of Hunan Nanhai”. He served as the tourism ambassador of Fujizawa City for one year. During his college years, he also participated in the “Mr.In the 2007 beauty contest, qingying made it into the top six although it did not win the crown.After graduation from university, Tsujioka Yitomo entered the Japanese TV station, became a news anchor, starting from 2010 “ーム concentrated!!SUPER”, he gradually recognized by everyone, later to participate in the host “ヒ listonbino デ while!, Huazhong University of Technology チ, ZIP!Such programs let him accumulate more and more high popularity and popularity, and gradually become one of the masters of Japanese TV anchors.Tsujioka ranked third in Oricon’s “Favorite Male Anchors” poll for 2015.In his private life, Yidundun is not only an outstanding student and anchor who occasionally participates in beauty pageants, but also a father of three children.In 2011, he married Harugo Washio, also a Japanese TV anchor, and they had a daughter and two sons together.Did not expect this 35 years old, married male anchor, one day in a foreign country because of obsession mascot and accidentally popular.His kind of hot eyes, the kind of almost obsessed demeanor, is not the true portrayal of every fan?!Indeed, how many moments can an adult, already tormented and numbed in the ordinary course of life, be so absorbed in love, so absorbed in pleasure?Tsujioka Yitang “public expense chasing star” fanaticism is really enviable.Bing Dwen dwen and Bing Dwen dwen are cute enough to have touched the hearts of Chinese netizens. The story of Ding Liu and Ding Liu Fan Tou first spread across China, was interviewed by CGTN, and then set off a “nesting doll” craze in Japan.Righteousness pier pier in an interview a few days ago, about ice mound mound of instant himself into the pit: when first came to Beijing to 辻 YiTang just lost my coat, depressed at the time he’s good-looking to ice mound mound, instant feeling be cured, so for this lovely panda love at first sight, after no matter hard, as long as see ice mound mound immediately full of energy.His family even asked him to leave his luggage behind when he returned to Japan, leaving empty boxes around the now-popular bingdandan.Sure enough, the world is still lovely and just ah!At present, Yidundwen is a hot fried chicken in both China and Japan. Not only many Japanese media reported his popularity in China, but also there are people who know Yidundwen everywhere in Beijing, exchanging bing Dundwen babji and taking photos with each other. Even some fans “pick up work” and were invited to record cheering videos.Although it’s a pity that Yidundun didn’t get an interview with Yuzuru Hanyu, it’s also possible that he could have a chance to talk to Bing Dandan’s designers.(though he said he’d rather interview Bingdwen than Hanyu) imagine how happy he’d be!The Winter Olympics is full of athletes sweat and interesting stories.In this winter, this New Year, a news anchor who is obsessed with the cute mascot unexpectedly gained everyone’s attention. This interesting episode simply contracted everyone’s recent jokes, making this year’s Winter Olympics more relaxed and lively atmosphere.What’s your name?Righteousness dun dun.I hope the athletes on the field of the Winter Olympics can have a wonderful play, also wish us yidundun Dun winter Olympics work smoothly, often come to China to play in the future!And by the way, did everyone grab Ice?