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On Feb. 13, the Lakers lost 115-117 to the Warriors.The high attention, vogel madrigal let Stanley – Johnson up again, the lakers’ strategy is from the inside first, because the paint is the biggest weakness of the mighty, the lakers first six points behind, behind the three points, the second quarter after the lakers in the third quarter after the lakers also 1 points behind, but clay outbreak details the lakers once caught, James three penalty 1 lose the game.On a night when James surpassed Kareem abdul-Jabbar in NBA scoring (just 19 points), James drove to the basket on consecutive drives, making one of his first three shots and getting fouled twice. James had eight points, three rebounds and one assist on 3-of-7 shooting in the first quarter.Davis was 1-of-4 offensively but had three blocks, and Westbrook scored four points in the first quarter.Kunminga led the warriors in the first quarter with seven points and four rebounds (100 percent), while Curry added nine points, three assists and two rebounds.In the second quarter, both the Lakers and Warriors made 3-pointers, two by Damian Lee and two by Klay Thompson.For the Lakers, Tucker and James are two, Bradley hit one, Davis also made two consecutive 2+1 inside, the Lakers are strong, but the Warriors’ team basketball is still very smooth, curry finished the half with 17 points, six assists and four rebounds, Kumin added 16 points and five rebounds (7 of 8);James had 18 points, six rebounds and four assists, Westbrook had 10 points and two assists, and Tucker had 10 points and two assists.Opening the lakers will be third quarter approaching a, but the garage into a three points, wiggins 3-pointer, garage three to six times before hitting only one, but he got a lot of the 9 penalty 9 free-throw opportunities, James in the third quarter as a whole the global single section 3 points and 4 assists and rebounds, score beyond kareem abdul-jabbar, has scored 23 + 9 + 8 quasi three pairs of data.Westbrook was 7+3+2 in the third quarter alone. After James left the court, Westbrook led the team to a lead, but James was overpowered as soon as he came on the stage. Vogel couldn’t understand how he replaced Westbrook with James.In the last quarter, the Lakers rallied after back-to-back rebounds, reeves blocked Klay Thompson, Curry hit a 3-pointer, tucker drove to the basket and drew a foul, Tucker blocked Klay, but James made two turnovers, Vogel replaced James, and Reeves drove to the basket after Westbrook came on.Suspended after James on the basket hit, lost a defender, vogel had T warriors row after the equaliser, lebron crucial layup, come back for three consecutive points finish, clay and wiggins reeves made two free throws a foul come back again, clay is the key three points, clay with 16 points, three points James made a foul three penalty equaliser, but two penalty miss the end of the game.Klay had 16 points in the final quarter and finished with 33 points, five rebounds and five 3-pointers. Curry had 24 points and eight assists.James made 9-of-27 shooting, 3-of-10 from 3-point range and had 25 points, 14 rebounds and eight assists (1-of-10 in the final quarter), while Westbrook had 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists.By Yan Xiaobai