Songyuan Ningjiang District rural “kang Tou” party group cohesion grid governance to strengthen prevention and control guarantee

2022-05-07 0 By

This article from: People’s Daily online in the face of COVID – 19 outbreak again, ningjiang district, “kang” group in the heart of the epidemic prevention work party lead grid management applied to practice, seriously implement the strengthen CunTun normalized epidemic prevention and control grid management requirements, adhere to the defense from spreading, built a tight security for the farmers life epidemic prevention and control of the line.With three teams in unison, mass defense and collective control are powerful.Set up “kang Tou” party group on the basis of “20 households and one grid”, give full play to the party organization leading rural grass-roots governance efficiency, and effectively play the role of “kang tou” party group as a whole grid force.A Party-mass joint Defense team has been set up with volunteer service teams of Party members as the main body to take part in checkpoint control, personnel registration and nucleic acid sampling.We will mobilize the masses to form neighborhood watch teams, mobilize dynamic monitoring among neighbors, and ensure the full coverage of the joint prevention and control system.In view of the weak links in epidemic prevention and control, 131 village protection patrols have been set up with the technical support of Xueliang Engineering, forming a full-time and all-weather dynamic screening mode combining technical and civil air defense, and filling the prevention and control loophole of returning people returning to their villages at night.At present, the whole area of rural areas set up a total of 173 “kang Tout” party group, mobilize the masses of party members in the grid 1507 people, the establishment of volunteer service team 118, covering 1352 grids, control in the village personnel 9507 19981 people.Three actions against risk, prevent hidden trouble without dead Angle.Carry out the “knock on the door action”, the grid members of the Party group to conduct a comprehensive survey of the area, urge and guide every household to do a good job of self-protection and policy publicity, guide the general public to enhance the awareness of protection, support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure that the people do not believe rumors, rumors, and panic.A total of 1158 household checks were carried out, and “heart-warming action” was carried out to give full play to grid members’ advantages of familiarity, familiarity and familiarity.Green channels were opened for the elderly and the disabled, and 420 door-to-door services were provided.In the grid, “zero clearance action” was carried out to mobilize the people who stay at home all the year round to receive all the vaccines. The perennial migrant workers were tracked for vaccination, the vaccination certificates were checked, and those who had not been vaccinated were urged to be vaccinated.Three passes to build a line of defense, strictly defend the dawn.Build “village road + village + door” security line.Give full play to the end of the “kang tou” party control and prevention efficiency, to assist towns and villages to return to the registration of personnel, foreign township tourism, visit relatives and other vehicles and personnel to persuade back, keep the first line of defense in the countryside.At the entrance of the village, the “AB” post work system was established at grid points in each village and group. Grid members of A post and B post changed shifts in turn to carry out epidemic prevention and control duty. Since March, 2,950 vehicles and personnel in the past have been checked for epidemic prevention and control, health code check and temperature measurement have been carried out to ensure that no one is missing and the “unbroken” guard has been achieved.Take the village as the network and the household as the grid, strictly implement the grid control measures of one household and one card, one card and one out, reduce the flow of people in the village, and effectively achieve the prevention and control goals of preventing input, spread and output.(Party Construction of Matsuhara)